Greek Week!!

Greek life here at Elon isn’t always that big of a deal but there is one event every year where all sororities and fraternities come together to fund raise, bond, compete and most importantly DANCE! Greek Week isn’t just one event though, it’s a whole entire week, from Thursday until the following Wednesday of Greek Life hosted events for all chapters here on campus. For every event that is hosted, a chapter receives points based on how many members attend. All of these points go to the overall Greek Week ranking but a large portion of the total score comes from the points earned for each organization’s Greek Week Dance.

Each sorority and fraternity choreograph and put together a dance, complete with outfits, hair and makeup and music that matches their theme. This year featured some crazy themes from the matrix to fight club to rock stars. Here are some photos from the night,

sigpi sigmakappa sigmaWhile every organization brought their best dance moves to the floor, only one fraternity and sorority walk away with the first place title. Congrats to Delta Upsilon and Delta Delta Delta for winning first place and busting some killer moves.

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Top 5 Countdown is back!

So as tradition on this blog would have it, it’s time for a top 5 countdown. With all the dreary weather we’ve had here at Elon lately I think the only appropriate countdown to have would be…….

Top 5 Things to do at Elon when it Snows!

1. Sledding down the hills of the intramural fields… or any hill for that matter!

2. Grabbing hot chocolate with friends at Acorn (because most likely they’ll be the only dining place open..)

3. Staying in, cuddling up and watching movies with friends

4. or if the power’s out playing a good ol’ fashion game of Cards Against Humanity (vulgar.. yet fun… )

5. Bonfire, Campfire, Fireplace fire… anything to roast some weenies and s’mores over and keep you warm in the meantime!

Happy (belated) Birthday Elon!

Yesterday marked Elon’s 125th birthday. “A Day for Elon” was celebrated with a special Founders Day College Coffee with special guests, J. Earl Danieley, J. Fred Young and Leo M. Lambert, the three living presidents of the University.


University’s 3 Living Presidents during Founders Day College Coffee

Elon Student’s gathered around the Phi Beta Kappa plaza, decked out in their maroon and gold, to wish Elon a Happy Birthday as well as to grab some delicious birthday cake. (What birthday is complete without a cake?)

During the celebration, Twisted Measure, one of Elon’s a capella groups, sang Happy Birthday to our school and a tree was planted by the 3 presidents as a special Founder’s day tradition.


J. Earl Danieley, J. Fred Young and Leo M. Lambert planting a tree in honor of Founder’s Day and Elon’s 125th birthday

It was a beatiful day at Elon for a birthday. Here’s to a successful 125 years and an even more successful 125 years to come!

The Day Elon Stood Still


This weekend was an especially odd one here at Elon. As students nestled into bed Thursday evening, wrapped up in blankets and sweaters to escape the cold, an ice storm began to encroach.

I woke up Friday morning, dreading having to drag myself out of my comfy bed for an early class, only to see an email from Smith Jackson himself with the headline “University Main Campus Operations Delayed.” Great, my class didn’t start until 11 now and I had another hour with my bed. I hit the snooze button.

An hour later my alarm clocks buzzing again. I check my email once more just for safe measure and sure enough, there it was, the email sweet dreams are made of, “University Main Campus Closed for March 7, 2014.” Hallelujah, no class!  Except now it was too late to go back to sleep so I bundled up and decided to head out to a friends house. Upon exiting my building though, having not thought to look out my window while getting ready, I was appalled to see not just an inch or two of snow on the ground as usual snow days went here; but rather, everything was covered in ice. From tree branches to the handle of my car, everything was frozen. No wonder classes were cancelled.

After struggling for quite sometime to defrost my car and get it running again, I finally set off down Haggard in an effort to find warmth as soon as possible. The roads weren’t bad, icy but able to drive on. It was the trees that posed a serious threat. All of them were frozen solid from the roots to the tips of their bare branches. Some were leaning as if someone was holding their tips to the ground. Others were missing branches or had just completely snapped in half. There was one tree in particular though whose downfall marks a moment in history here at Elon.

photo 2

Large Tree fallen on an Academic Pavilion building

Falling trees wasn’t the least of our worries though. When I finally arrived at my friends house and tried to flick the switch on, nothing happened. The power was out. We all sat in silence for a moment contemplating what our next steps should be. We had no food, no power and nothing to do. We checked our emails again and as expected there was another Smith Jackson email regarding University operations on this near apocalyptic Friday. Lakeside was open for a continental breakfast and Acorn was open during the afternoon (as usual, that place braves every storm). The email also informed all students that if they had no power and were not able to stay in their dorms over night, they were welcome to sleep at friends, Belk Library or Moseley Center. This was a perfect opportunity for a sleepover at my apartment that still, by the grace of God, had power. We grabbed our board games and a plethora of movies and set out to grab a bite to eat and settle in for the day.


Elon Students hanging outside under the sun

Despite the lack of power and frozen everything, Elon moved fast to remove the debris (including that big ol’ tree in a building) and bring back the power. Elon wasn’t the only thing moving fast though. North Carolina weather patterns were shifting. Before we knew it the day was coming to a close and there was a beautiful sunset in the horizon. We had low expectations for Saturday’s weather but to our surprise we woke up to the sun, a clear blue sky, chirping birds and melted ice. It was a perfect Elon spring day to hang outside with friends and good company.

Within just 24 hours Elon had gone from a Tundra to a warm spring day in the south. North Carolina’s weird weather strikes again. While all is back on track now, Friday March 7, 2014 will go down in history as The Day Elon Stood Still. (At least in my mind anyway).

March Madness

A start of a new month here at Elon means a plethora of new events to put on your calendar! Some can’t miss opportunities this March include,

March 6 – Elon’s Quasquicentennial Historical Exhibit Opens in the Isabella Cannon Room in the Center for the Arts

March 11 – 125th Anniversary Founders Day

March 22-31 – Spring Break!

For more events or information on what’s going on around campus, check out the events calendar!

Where in the World is Elon?

The short answer would be Elon, North Carolina, but that’s not what I mean. Elon University might only have a single location, but the name, legacy and tradition it carries is represented all over the world by our national and international students alike. Our student population comes from all over the world, from Vancouver to Tokyo and almost everywhere in between. To get a better idea of where our current international students are all from check out this map!


Elon Eats: The (Almost) Definitive Ranking of Elon Dining Establishments

While Burlington, North Carolina itself may be flooded with fast-food drive-thrus and restaurants, Elon University offers a delicious reprieve from those greasy burger and fries. With any Elon meal plan comes full access to all Dining Halls and with the meal exchange program, meal swipes (on the +7, +14 or block plans) can be used to grab a bite to eat at various eateries around campus. Every dining location has something unique to offer with a meal for every craving. Here is the almost definitive ranking of the best places to eat around campus (according to me):

1. Qdoba Mexican Grill

One of Elon’s newest editions to the restaurant scene. This dining location features fresh and flavorful cuisine prepared exhibition-style in full view of the customer. Menu items include: 1.25-pound (.5 kg) burritos, grilled quesadillas, nachos, a variety of tacos and my favorite – the naked burrito. While I’ve found the perfect blend of rice, steak, queso and other condiments for my specialty burrito bowl, it’s always fun to go and mix it up. The flavor combinations are both endless and delicious which puts Qdoba at the top of the list.

2. Acorn Coffee Shop

Acorn is a golden spot for getting anything from a bagel to a cup of chilli and everything in between. Featuring Starbucks brewed coffee and a sandwich bar, this little coffee shop is the perfect place to hang out with friends after class or meet for a late-night study break. The cafe is open until 1 am everyday which makes it a hot-spot for those late night cookie cravings. Most of my meal swipes go to either an everything bagel with cream cheese, a mozzarella and pesto grilled cheese or an apple cinnamon muffin, microwaved to warm delicious perfection.

3. Fountain Market

The Fountain Market is located on the first floor of the Colonnades Dining hall and is home to Boar’s Head Deli, Crouton’s Fresh Tossed Salads and Cheeze Please. The Market also includes a mini-grocery store so if you’re running low on cereal, soup, cookie dough or even deodorant, you can pick it up there. This is a great spot to grab a quick meal and is frequented a lot by business students post-class because of it’s close proximity to KOBC (The Koury Business Center). The Boar’s Head Deli makes delicious sandwiches that you can either create yourself or pick from a menu. Crouton’s let’s you create your own salad from a salad bar with everything you could ever want on a salad, including a personal favorite of mine, Goldfish! At Cheeze Please, you can craft your own grilled cheese and throw in a side of tomato soup for those days when you’re looking for a little comfort food.

4. Lakeside Dining Hall

Lakeside is the newest edition to Elon’s Dining Hall family. It’s high beam ceiling and spacious seating area makes it an ideal place to gather with friends for a sit down meal. I love going to dining halls because for just one meal swipe you can get as much food as your heart desires, and at Lakeside that could mean everything that’s being served. This Dining Hall is home to the International Cuisine Bar where every week there is a different country theme and traditional food from that country is served. Lakeside also has a great salad bar, a vegetarian/gluten-free section and some excellent dessert options to grab on your way out.

5. Chick-Fil-A

Chick-Fil-A, for those who do not know, is a classic southern fast-food restaurant. I know I said Elon offered a reprieve from fast-food America but Chick-Fil-A’s fried chicken sandwich is incomparable to any burger you’d find at McDonalds. With a meal swipe you can get a sandwich or chicken nuggets accompanied by the all too delicious waffle fries. Chick-Fil-A is one of my favorite off campus food stops so the fact that it is on campus, and I can use a meal swipe, makes my life all the more easier. (Just don’t forget a cold lemonade and the special Chick-Fil-A sauce on the side!)

6. Varsity Sports Grill

My favorite and the only place to get a Reuben sandwich on campus, makes Varsity one of my top dinner spots. A Reuben, which is a hot sandwich of corned beef, swiss cheese, thousand island dressing and sauerkraut, maybe my favorite meal but that’s not all Varsity’s menu has to offer. You can get everything from a good ol’ fashion BBQ sandwich, to a make-your-own wrap or choose to make a salad from the salad and soup bar. Varsity, as a Sports Grill, is also a great hub for sports fanatics alike. It features a theater like room, with big comfy seats and a large screen projector so you won’t miss a second of your favorite sports teams game.

7. Java City at KOBC

This little coffee café is located on the second floor of the Koury Business Center. It’s a perfect place for students in the business school to stop before those early morning classes for a steaming cup of freshly brewed Joe. They also offer a selection of bagels, muffins, sandwiches and various other snacks to grab on the go on your way to class or just to sit and munch on while you study. I’ve even been guilty of grabbing a quick bite mid-class.

8. Winter Garden Café

Elon’s Winter Garden Café can be found within the Mosely student center right outside of the Lakeside Dining Hall. It is home to Freshii’s, Topio’s and my personal favorite breakfast sandwich spot, Biscuitville. At Freshii’s you can select from a variety of salads, wraps, bowls and even frozen yogurt. With such a large selection, this is a great spot when you’re dining with a lot of people. It’s also at such a convenient location that it makes for a great lunch spot while you’re on campus going from class to class. Topio’s is where you can get almost every college student’s go to meal, pizza. With a meal swipe you can get two slices of any kind of pizza they’re serving or a calzone. Biscuitville, another one of the newer editions to Elon’s Dining Family, is where you can get all kinds of breakfast foods, like the classic fried chicken on a biscuit or a simple burger and fries. It’s a great stop for a tasty and filling meal in the morning, but don’t forget your side of hash browns!

9. Colonnades Dining Hall

Colonnades is another one of the 3 Dining Hall options here on Elon’s Campus. The Dining Hall always has a large selection of food with a pizza bar, sandwich bar, salad bar, desert bar, an area for their featured entrée’s of the hour and little bites to eat in between. It’s a great place to eat with friends or if you’re just looking for a lot of variety in meal choices. I love Colonnades when my stomach is extra rumbly because the amount of food you can get is unlimited (and trust me you can find students with stacks of plates). It’s also a great place to go if you want to eat and study at the same time. While Colonnades is a great place, it’s far from where I live so I don’t frequent it as often as I’d like which puts it so low on my list.

10. McEwen Dining Hall

Oh, McEwen, home to Late Night. While I have not actually been to this dining hall during regular meal hours, I have been here many a times during their 10pm-3am shift. Late Night McEwen is one of the only dining hall locations that stay open until the wee hours of the morning. Serving food like tater tots, burgers, hot dogs and fries, aka everything you shouldn’t be eating at 2 am but definitely are craving. It’s a great for late night study meals or a bite to eat on your way home from a late night as a friends house per say. Late Night is only open on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays and while sometimes the late night crowd can get rowdy, it makes for a great social dining experience.