The Countdown Has Started…

… 0 days until International Student Orientation begins.
… 2 days until Freshman Move-In Day.
… 3 days until the Elon Phoenix take on the Richmond Spiders in football.
… 6 days until I leave for Los Angeles for Orientation for the 2008 CIS Asia tour!

It is August 27th and the 2008 – 2009 school year is about to get started. As I mentioned above, many of the incoming international students began their International Student Orientation. (Elon offers our international students the opportunity to move-in to their dorms earlier than the rest of the freshman class.) Despite torrential downpours and tornado warnings, our new students had the opportunity to meet each other and also get situated on Elon’s campus. It was great to see them (finally) on campus! By Friday, we are anticipating on having our 34 international students here and settled onto our campus.

Friday will be the busy day of this week – almost 1,300 freshman students will be moving onto campus. Minivans and cars will be unloaded by our Orientation Leaders and carried up multiple flights of stairs. Roommates will finally meet each other after months of ‘Facebooking’. Rooms will be arranged (and then re-arranged a week later). Books will be purchased, Phoenix Cards will be made, banking accounts will be set-up, and orientation groups will meet – all on Friday! It is an exciting time around Elon, and I think we are all just hoping that this rain that we are having (remnants of Tropical Storm Fay?) will be gone. Check the Elon weather to see how Friday looks (and think dry thoughts!)

As part of this weekend’s festivities, Elon will also be playing its first football game of the 2008 season against the University of Richmond Spiders – check back for an update on the game.

And finally, I will be heading out on my first international trip in less than a week! I will be a part of the 2008 CIS Asia tour and between September 3rd and September 20th, I will be visiting the following cities:

*Tokyo * Seoul * Beijing * Shanghai * Bangkok *
*Chiang Mai * Singapore * Taipei * Hong Kong*
So there is lots to do, but I am excited to visit these places for the very first time!

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