Move-In Day Madness…Well, Not Really

Well, it is officially 4:28 p.m. according to my computer which means that the 2008 Freshmen Move-In Day is almost over. Here is an overview of today…

By 7:45 a.m. this morning, there was already a line of cars waiting to unload and begin the move-in process – although we didn’t officially begin unloading cars until 8:00 a.m.! All and all, the day seemed to move quickly and efficiently. Cars were unloaded, boxes were carried up flights of stairs, and rooms were set-up – all in a matter of minutes! Kudos to the Elon Orientation Leaders, volunteer “O-Team”, and the Elon staff members who helped to direct traffic and coordinate the moving process. Honestly, with almost 1,300 freshmen trying to move in to our campus on the same day, the potential for chaos is very high! However, it seemed to flow very well!
Most importantly, it was great to (finally) have our incoming class on this campus. With many of these students, I have met them at their high schools, exchanged numerous emails with them, read their applications, chatted with them at Admissions events, etc. and thus it is wonderful to actually have them on campus after months of communication.
Although I am sure my pictures are highly entertaining, I majored in mathematics – and not in photography! That being said, if you are interested in seeing more photos (of a higher quality!), definitely check out more Move-In Day photos.
Tomorrow is the big football game against Richmond – Go Phoenix!
And last but not least (for your viewing enjoyment), I have included a photo of myself with Robin, the Coordinator of the Welcome Center, and the one and only Sammy the Squirrel. While Sammy is NOT the official mascot of Elon, he has gained popularity because of his numerous relatives that call this campus home! (Sammy is the mascot of Elon’s Summer School classes). Enjoy and happy weekend to you!

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