Elephants, Emails, Explorations, & Energy: What A Weekend!

Welcome to Monday everyone!

It is currently 10:29 a.m. here in Singapore (which is my current location) and we just finished a college fair at the Singapore American School. Many of my colleagues are currently presenting a variety of topics for students of SAS (such as How Colleges Evalute Applications and Transitioning to College), but a handful of us have the “day off” from presenting. I think our group is a little bit tired this morning – we arrived in Singapore late last night (11:00 p.m. or so) and we had to be out of the hotel this morning by 6:45 a.m. – but nonetheless, we are excited to be here in Singapore!

The weekend was very relaxing as we had not one, but two days off in Chiang Mai, Thailand- a true weekend of sorts! Saturday and Sunday were filled with opportunities to sleep in (past 6:00 a.m.!), go shopping at the night market, catch up on emails, explore Chiang Mai, and go to an elephant conservation camp. I know I definitely enjoyed the opportunity to rest a bit before this week – because it is going to be a busy last week of the CIS Asia tour. Overall, Chiang Mai is an incredibly interesting place with a good deal to do and see in the city. One of the highlights of the weekend was a 3-hour bike tour around the city with a fellow admissions counselor who had studied abroad at the University of Chiang Mai as an undergraduate. Only 6 of us went, but it was an amazing opportunity to see the University of Chiang Mai, visit an athletic stadium used during the 1998 Asian Games, and see other sites around the city. This was done all the while riding in 3-4 lanes of traffic and dodging cars, buses, mopeds, other bicyclists, and my personal favorite – took tooks. (Took tooks are three-wheeled carts that are like taxis.) It was quite an adventure riding the city, but well worth the sore muscles after 3-hours of biking!

My weekend was also made that much more wonderful because of the following sports results:

  • Elon’s football team defeated Presbyterian, 66-12 on Saturday. (www.elonphoenix.com)
  • The Red Sox won 2 out of a 3 game series vs Toronto – hooray for only being 1 back from the Tampa Bay Rays in the American League East! (www.redsox.com)
  • The New England Patriots defeated the New York Jets and are now 2-0 (despite not having Tom Brady)! (www.newenglandpatriots.com)

Thus my weekend has left me energized for an exciting (but last week) in Asia. We have another college fair/workshop this afternoon followed by a counselor dinner then it is off to Taipei, Taiwan tomorrow morning. After Taiwan, Hong Kong is our last destination and then it is back to the United States – crazy how fast this has all gone by! It just reinforces how much I love travel season and the opportunity to meet students who are interested in Elon.

Best wishes to you all (especially my fellow Elon colleagues who are traveling counselors- the majority of whom are out on the road as well) and have a wonderful start to your week.

Next Stop: Taipei, Taiwan


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