The Last Few Hours

Well, it is currently 6:40pm on Saturday evening and I am on the bus heading to the Hong Kong Airport to fly back to the States. Crazy how fast these past few weeks have gone by…

Since my last post, the CIS tour group flew to Taipei, Taiwan where we literally were there for less than 24 hours! We visited two schools (Taipei American School) and the National Experimental High School) during that time. I think both programs were incredibly successful which is wonderful since the CIS tour has not been to Taiwan in a few years!

After Taiwan, we flew to Hong Kong for the next several nights. High school stops in the next few days included visits to Yew Chung International School, Shenzhen Middle School (where we actually had to ‘cross the border’ into China again!), and Hong Kong International School. Personally, I also added a visit to the Canadian International School of Hong Kong which was separate from the group. Overall, the experience in these last few days has been particularly invaluable to me as I learned a great deal about the university system in China for public school students. For example, entrance into the universities and school in general is based on the results of tests – and with China’s population, there is actually not enough spaces in their system for every prospective students!

Because I visited the Canadian International School of Hong Kong, I also had the opportunity to learn about the Canadian system as well. This is incredibly helpful (and a good refresher!)since Canada is actually one of the most represented countries in our international population.

On a personal level, while I was looking forward to visiting ALL of the cities/ countries on this recruiting trip, I was especially excited for Hong Kong – and it didn’t disappoint! Hong Kong is so beautiful at night with the major parts of it lit up in the evening (especially the Kowloon area) but equally beautiful in the more residential areas with homes & condos resting on hills that overlook the water.

This recruiting experience overall has been a wonderful experience. I am continally thankful that Elon truly does value the importance of an international education both through our study abroad programs as well as support for international recruitment. I have learned a great deal about the different educational systems in Asia, visited some incredible schools, chatted with a large number of international students, and had conversations with many international gudance counselors. Also, it has been wonderful to learn customs of different Asian cultures and be able to appreciate their similarities and their differences. To top it off, I couldn’t have traveled with a better group of people on the CIS tour and I hope I cross paths with many of my friends again!

And since this is just such a ‘warm fuzzy’-type of email (the Elon Admissions office will understand that reference), I want to also mention that we just received the most recent numbers for international students and we have seen some wonderful growth! We now have 127 international students who come from over 50 countries! (This number does not include US citizens who attended school in another country). This is wonderful news and to give credit where credit is do, this is the work of my predecessor, John Keegan. Overall, this is great news for our campus community.

And finally, while I am sad that this tour is over, I am looking forward to traveling in MA/ RI for the next month! (Just in time for the Red Sox and (hopefully) a strong postseason! 🙂 ) I have a busy schedule ahead of me, but I am excited to get up there!

Happy Saturday/Sunday to everyone – see you in San Francisco!


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