From My Inbox…

It is that time of year again…APPLICATION SEASON!

As you can imagine, my inbox is literally filling up every day with questions from incoming prospective students – which is wonderful!

This being said, many questions are similar in nature and I thought it might be helpful to include a list of common questions & answers!

Q: “I took the SATs on October 4th and have received my scores. How do my scores get sent to Elon?”
A: If you took the SATs on October 4th, please know that we received a large number (2,000+) of student scores over the weekend and we are currently uploading them to our system. If you originally selected Elon University as one of the institutions to receive your scores, we should be uploading them to our computer system as we speak! If you have already applied to Elon University, I would encourage you to look on Elon University’s OnTrack system using your username and password. (Please note that this ONLY applies to student’s who have applied to Elon already!) There you can see if we have officially recorded your October SAT scores into our computers.

If you did not select Elon University to originally send your scores to us, I would recommend visiting visiting and look for the section titled “Get and Send Scores”. There you can go through the process of submitting your SAT scores to us.

Q: “I noticed the mid-50% range of SAT scores for the freshman class on your website but not the ACTs. What is the average ACT score or mid-50% range for ACT?”
A: For the freshmen class that enrolled in fall of 2008, the average ACT score was a 27 (Composite) and the mid-50% range was between a 24-29. For the rest of the freshman class profile, please click here.

Q: “For the essay part of the application, would the admissions committee prefer us to answer one of your questions, or can we write about a topic of our own?”
A: Ah – the timeless essay question! Honestly, it is completely upto you to chose your essay topic. Many students will chose to answer one of the questions that we offer to write about while others chose to write about a topic of their choice. My best recommendation? Write about something that you are both knowledgeable and passionate about. If you have a strong answer for one of our two choices, please feel free to answer one of those questions in your essay. However, you may have another essay topic that you feel strongly about and if so, write about that and do not choose our topics.

Often a student will write about something that he or she thinks the Admissions Office wants to read about, but that the student personally does not have complete knowlege or interest for. For example, if you feel strongly about the environment then please feel free to write about it. However, if the environment is not a topic that you feel strongly about, decide on a different topic instead. The best essays are the ones where you can see the students’ passion, insight, and knowledge of the subject! And always remember that SPELL CHECK is your friend! (For Microsoft Word users, all you need to push is the “F7” key!)

I know that these are just a few of the questions that I have received, but I will continue to work on posting more questions and more answers in the future. If you have a particular question that I could answer about Elon or our application, please do not hesitate to ask – contact me on my blog or via email (!


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