Elon University vs Appalachian State

Last Saturday (as I mentioned in last week’s blog), I ventured up to Boone, North Carolina to attend the Elon – Appalachian State with several friends, including my twin sister Caryn who was visiting with me for the weekend. (That is myself and my Admissions colleague Denard Jones in the picture on the left.). Despite 30 degree temperatures, a bitterly cold wind, and a rain/snow/sleet mix, the stands of Appalachian State’s stadium were packed – young, old, students, and alums all attended the game as a piece of the Southern Conference title was on the line. Elon University had a nice contingent of fans as well – including two buses filled with fans and many others who drove up on their own. (That is a picture of my sister and I on the right!)

Despite a valiant effort on the part of the Phoenix, Elon fell short 24-16 against the 2007 NCAA FCS national champions, Appalachian State University. The loss was heartbreaking – our football team played one of its finest games all season against the toughest team in the Southern Conference – you cannot ask much more than that! Even when the clock read “2:00” left in the 4th quarter, Elon still was working on several drives in a final attempt to reach the end zone just one more time – but to no avail.

As a fan, it was a fantastic game to watch (despite the weather!) If you look at the picture on the left (of my sister and I), you can definitely see water droplets on our hoods! (Note how I am still trying to wear my maroon!) It was cold, damp, and tiring….but it was well worth the trip up to Boone. My hat goes off to Coach Lembo and his team for such a great effort against such a strong competitor! To read the official recap of the game, definitely visit here.
Elon football will wrap up this Saturday against non-conference opponent Liberty University. The outcome of this game may have postseason implications for both Elon and Liberty depending on the outcome of the game. Stay tuned and I will keep you posted….GO PHOENIX!

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