Winter Term Memories

Good morning ETA readers!

Before Elon University’s Winter Term is over, I wanted to share with you a bit about what I did during my four Winter Terms here at Elon. In a previous blog, I explained what Winter Term is as well as shared some of the different courses that are offered at Elon. And thus – here are my four Winter Terms and what courses I took:
  • Freshman Year: During my first Winter Term, I took a course called Modeling for a Global Citizen which was a higher level mathematics course that involved creating models to predict or forecast different things. For example, we used math models to predict population growth as well as looked at predator-prey models. Predator-prey models look at the catastrophic impact that having too many of predators (such as sharks) or too many prey (such as fish) can cause.
  • Sophomore Year: For my second Winter Term, I was enrolled Ecotourism in Australia which fulfilled my Experiential Learning Requirement (otherwise known as my Elon Experience). Thus I traveled in Australia for the month of January and learned about the environment and the impact that tourism has on it. I have included two pictures from my travels – the one below is a picture of the Sydney Opera House.


The one to the right is a photo of myself taking a break while rappelling down a cliff.
  • Junior Year: Math Origami was the class that I took during my third winter term at Elon. It was an interesting class that was not strictly for math majors! It was open for any major and focused on how origami can be used in multiple academic disciplines. Of course, I wasn’t the best origami artist – but I can fold a pretty good lily!
  • Senior Year: My last and final Winter Term course. For this last year, I took a course in Archaeology (From the Ground Down), which is something I have enjoyed learning about for years. We learned about what it was like to go on an actual archaeological dig from an archaeologist and also had a major research paper on a topic of our choice. I chose Pompeii and the excavation of the city in the aftermath of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in AD 79.
Thus even if my four years at Elon, I took a pretty diverse and fascinating group of classes!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend ETA readers – I am off traveling next week for Elon! If you live in the Atlanta, Georgia or Orlando, Florida or Boca Raton, Florida areas, I may just see you! Elon is hosting our annual Winter Hospitality programs in those cities – definitely check them out if you live in those areas!

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