Back From California!

Happy Monday ETA readers:

I made it back from California last night – although my flight did not arrive here until 12:15 a.m.  Thus I’m a bit sleepy this morning, but still very thankful for the opportunity to attend the OACAC conference at Chapman University.  The conference is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the international education world – some of the sessions that I attended included Regional Updates on China/Taiwan/Hong Kong/India, Transitions 101, Success is in the Details:  Planning Successful College/ High School Visits from Two Perspectives, and many more!  The true highlight of the conference however is the opportunity to meet with various counselors from around the world!  For those that attend school outside of the U.S., there’s a chance that I met your counselor at this event.  Chapman University did a wonderful job with the organization of this event and I’m looking forward to next year’s conference in Boston, Massachusetts!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I also had the opportunity to visit Disneyland while I was there…look for some pictures of my trip in the upcoming days!


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