Homecoming at Elon University

Happy Monday everyone!

If you have looked at Elon University’s website lately, you may have noticed many articles about Elon University’s Homecoming.  For those that may not be familiar with this annual university tradition, I thought it might be helpuful to provide some insight into this event.  

Homecoming, as defined by Dictionary.com, is described as “a return to one’s home; arrival at home”.  Thus during a university’s Homecoming Weekend is when many alumni will come back to campus to take part in various activities.   There will often be golf tournaments, reunion gatherings, free concerts, and much more as part of the weekend festivities.  Check out the complete list of activities for Elon alumni who came back to visit campus!

In the week leading up to Homecoming, current student groups will organize teams and compete in various activities, such as a trivia contest, banner contest, money drive, and other activities.  Typically, a “Homecoming King and Queen” are also elected based upon a vote from the student body.  One of Elon’s international students was actually the 1st runner-up in the election for Homecoming king and the actual Homecoming King and Queen are current tour guides for Admissions!  The conclusion of the weekend is marked by the Homecoming football game – which Elon won 45-10 against the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

All in all, Homecoming Weekend is a weekend designed to celebrate alumni as well as current students.  It is a weekend that promotes school spirit as well as brings the entire university community together.  To see what Elon University’s weekend entailed, visit the picture gallery



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