Tips in the Admissions Process: Missing Application Information

Is it really November already?

Since my last post almost a month ago (yikes!), a good bit has happened in the Admissions process!  Two deadlines have passed (Early Decision and EarlyAction), an Admissions Open House has occurred, and I have made a productive (albeit brief) trip to several European countries.  I will be updating my Flickr photostream shortly with some photos from my travels, but I wanted to spend this blog post talking about “The Waiting Game”. 

With the “Waiting Game”, I am referring to the period of time once a student has submitted their application and is waiting for an admissions decision. While you anxiously await for an admissions decision from Elon, we are working hard behind the scenes.  To provide you with a sense of how busy things are for us, take the number of applications that we have received.  For Early Action,  we currently have over 5,000 applications in our office.  Now take those 5,000 applications and multiply that by 4 – this is the number of pages in our application.  Add to that at least one page for a high school transcript, two pages for a counselor evaluation form, and several additional pages for things like teacher recommendations, student resumes/ portfolios, TOEFL scores, etc.  That is a lot of information to process!  (I will admit that some of this information is online and thus it saves us a bit of time and paper!)  Hopefully, this information will give you a scope of the volume of applications that we are receiving in our office.

The reason why I mention is this is often times students wonder if we have all of their informaion in our possession.  This is a very common question.  For anyone who applies to Elon University, it is important to know that every applicant has an “Elon OnTrack” username and password.  This username and password allows a student to do several things – namely, check to see if Elon is missing any application materials and at the appropriate time, to check an Admissions decision.  It is important that students check OnTrack and check it often.  Application materials are often sent to us and because we are receiving so much mail, can take a few days to officially “show up” on their OnTrack screen. 

At a certain point in our process, you will also be contacted via email if the Admissions Office is missing something from your application and your application is in danger of being “bumped” from that specific deadline.   One of the most important things that you can be doing on your end is to continually check your email as well – we communicate a good deal with prospective students this way (particularly if you live outside of the U.S.)

Most importantly, if you have any questions about your application or the process, do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office.  You are more than welcome to email myself ( or the general Admissions email account (   Never be afraid to ask questions!


2 thoughts on “Tips in the Admissions Process: Missing Application Information

  1. I am interested in Elon and would like to know if you plan to host any hospitality nights in Southern California.

  2. Hi JoAnn: Right now, there are no hospitality nights planned for the Southern Californa area. However, I would recommend contacting our CA representative Melinda Wood ( to find out if she is going to be in your area in the future!

    Hope this helps!

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