Tips in the Admissions Process: Understanding Your Decision (Part I)

It’s almost time…

I know that many of you (5,617 of you to be exact!) are eagerly awaiting Friday’s Early Action release date.  And trust me when I say that so are we!  This has been one of the largest applicant pools that I have ever seen and it may even be the largest applicant pool we have ever had for Early Action.   Your decisions will be available on Elon’s OnTrack system beginning on December 18 and you will also receive an actual copy of your decision via post a few days after. 

That being said, I thought I might shed some more insight into each of the possible decisions.   I am going to break it up over the course of the next 3 days so check back tomorrow for another post on a possible decision!

Part I:  Accepted to Elon University

“Congratulations!”  – “Welcome to the class of 2014!”

Wahoo!  Those words just have such a nice ring to them, don’t they?  While these are not the exact words that a student would see if they were accepted, the point is definitely there.  A student finds out they have been accepted which is a wonderful feeling to have!  Once the initial joy/shock/excitement wears off and all family members have been told of this acceptance, a student may be wondering:  what next?  What does this mean?

Once a student has been accepted, there are several different things to consider and to think about.  Here are a few:

  • Merit Scholarships:  Elon’s merit scholarship competition is rapidly approaching!  The Elon Fellows Program is an enhanced academic experience that combines challenging courses, outside-the -classroom experiences, and scholarship opportunities.  There is an application to be considered for the competition, and it is due on January 10.
  • Other Forms of Financial Aid:  While it is not quite time to submit official paperwork to apply for financial aid (for those who are U.S citizens or U.S. permanent residents), it does not hurt to understand the process and what is required.  Review the Steps in Applying for Financial Aid to be better prepared for this process.
  • Learn More About Elon:  Accepted students will have done their initial research on the university, but may have deeper questions to ask.  A good way to learn even more is to consider visiting campus (if that has not been done) or even attending a special event (such as Phoenix Friday).  Elon may be even coming to a city near you!  In the month of January, Elon University travels tovarious cities and hosts a series of Hospitality Nights.  These Hospitality Nights allow students to not only hear from Admissions staff members, but more importantly, students have the opportunity to speak with a professor, currently enrolled students, alumni, and many more!

These are just a few things an accepted student can and should think about after December 18.  There is also a wealth of resources available by visiting the Accepted Students webpage as well. 

Check my blog tomorrow for Part II of Understanding Your Decison…


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