Tips in the Admissions Process: Understanding Your Decision (Part II)

Happy Thursday to you ETA readers:

Tomorrow (December 18), the Admissions Office will release over 5,000 Early Action decisions to our applicants from this deadline.  Yesterday’s post focused on what happens when a student is admitted to Elon University.  Today, I will talk about about what to do and what happens when a student is deferred admission to Elon.

Part II:  Deferral from Elon

“Your application to Elon University has been deferred for first semester grades/ first trimester grades/ SAT scores.”

Those words do not quite have the same ring to them as an “Acceptance” would (in all honesty).  It is disappointing to not be accepted.  These words are often confusing because a student may wonder why Elon would want more information.  Was Elon missing something from the application?  Why would a student need to wait until March 15 for another decision if the requested information was sent in sooner than that?

It is important to know that when a student was deferred, Elon was not missing any information from that student.  (Otherwise, the student’s application file would be considered incomplete and the Admissions Office would have not provided a decision.)   Being deferred means that within the context of the Early Action applicant pool (both in volume and in academic strength), we were unable to offer that student a place in our freshman class.  The good news is that being deferred doesn’t mean that a student will not be accepted to Elon.  It simply means that the Admissions Office would like to look at the application again but with additional information and in the context of the Final Deadline pool.

If a student has been deferred, there are sevearl things to consider and think about.  Here are a few:

  • Submit Any Requested Information to Elon:  When a student receives a deferral, it is important that he or she pays attention to the requested information.  In most cases, the requested information is first semester grades.  (Please note:  first semester grades are not quarter grades.  Semester grades are the grades a student receives at the conclusion of their 1st half of their school year [about January or February]).  A student should contact their guidance counselor/ college counselor/academic advisor or dean to be sure this information is submitted to Elon for reconsideration in our Final Deadline applicant pool.  It is important to note that this submitted information keeps a student’s application file “active” – meaning that we would see that the student was still interested in Elon!  Sometimes specific SAT scores are requested as well – this is because a student indicated that they had taken an SAT and we did not have that information on file.
  • Contact Your Elon Admission Counselor:  If Elon remains high on a student’s list, why not contact the Admissions Counselor for the area?  Letting the counselor know that a student is still interested despite being deferred can be helpful.  Email the counselor to let them know about becoming captain of the men’s tennis team or about the December service project that was recently completed or about the upcoming Senior Project that will start.  Providing this additional information not only demonstrates interest, but more importantly, provides additional information that a counselor can present on your behalf to the admissions committee.

Again, a student who has been deferred will receive another decision about their application in March.  It is important to submit the requested information to keep the application file alive in the process. 

Hopefully this sheds some insight into questions that may arise from this decision and check back tomorrow to find out what it means if an application is declined admission.


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