Tips in the Admissions Process: Understanding Your Decision (Part III)

Today is the big day!

By now, many (if not all) Early Action applicants have checked their Elon University decision online using Elon’s OnTrack system.  Over 5,000 of students discovered whether they were admitted, deferred, or declined admission to the university.  Today’s post will solely focus on what happens if a student is DECLINED admission to Elon University.  (If you were ADMITTED and are reading this blog, be sure to check back to Wednesday’s post.  If you were DEFERRED, I highly recommend checking back to Thursday’s post for more information about that decision.)

Part III:  Declined admission from Elon University

“Your application to Elon University has been declined.”

By far, this is the most disappointing of all the decisions, particularly if Elon was a top choice for a student.  It is important for all declined students to know that in the Admissions Office, it is not easy for us to decline students. We often have to make difficult decisions in the admissions process, and trust me – it’s hard especially with such a competitive applicant pool!   A student who has been declined often has many questions – What was it about my application that the Admissions Committee didn’t like?  Was it because of “X” that I didn’t get admitted?  What do I do now?

If a student has been declined admission to Elon, there are several different things to consider and to think about.  Here are a few:

  • Final Deadline:   When a student is declined, I often get asked if he or she can re-apply for our last deadline (Final Deadline).  Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no.  If a student is declined, they are not eligible to apply for a later deadline.
  • Your Interest in Elon is Valued:  Even if a student is declined admission to Elon, we still value the fact that the student was interested in us.  If a declined student remains highly interested in Elon, there is the transfer option.  There are many students at Elon who are transfer students that come to Elon having started their university career elsewhere – whether that is a community college or at a 4-year college or university.   Students who think this might be something they would be interested in should contact their Admissions Counselor at Elon to let them know.

Again, I know it is a tough decision to take – several if not all of us in the Admissions Office have been declined admission to a university or for a job or for something else we applied for!  Hopefully this blog shed some insight into what to do next, but let me know if you have any questions!


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