Tips in the Admissions Process: FAQs

Happy Thursday ETA readers,

I thought I would take my nose out of reading one of several thousand applications from our Final Deadline pool to bring back a certain theme to my post.  When I first started writing this blog last year, I would often take questions that I received during the week and would feature them on a blog post in the hopes that it would help other perspective students in their quest for answers about Elon University.  I will try to do this more often – thus feel free to email me ( in the future with YOUR questions.  But for now, enjoy those of fellow perspective Elon students.

Q:  “I would like to apply for your Dance/Music Theater/Theater programs, but live outside the country.  Is it possible for me to submit a recorded-audition?”

A:  For students who live outside the country, there is an alternative to physically auditioning at Elon University (which is required for all other students).  I would encourage you to visit the Department of Performing Arts Audition Information website to read more about the process and contact the Auditions Coordinator at

Q:  “I applied for Elon’s Fellows Program – when will hear back if I was selected to compete for the program?”

A:  While I’m not sure of the exact date, I do believe we typically let students know whether or not they were selected to compete for the program by the end of January/ beginning of February.  Thus it could be as early as next week!  The Fellows decision (like the Admissions decision) is available on Elon’s OnTrack system.

Q:  “As an admitted student, if I applied for Elon’s Fellows Program, does that mean that I am committed to attending Elon University in the fall?”

A:  Not at all (although we would love to have you as a student!).  The only way you are committed to Elon is if you pay the $500 enrollment deposit.

That’s all from my inbox for now – but I’m looking forward to reading more of your questions in the future!


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