International Student Orientation vs. New Student Orientation

As August is fast approaching, I wanted to be sure that everyone was aware of the Orientation options a student coming to Elon from outside the U.S. has as an enrolling student.  There are two Orientation events: “International Student Orientation” and the “New Student Orientation”.    These two events can often be confusing as both include the word “Orientation” and thus many students are unsure which orientation to attend.

International Student Orientation begins in August 26 and ends on August 27 this year.  The International Student Orientation is only for students who are coming to Elon on a student visa and/or students who reside outside the United States.  Students who are participating in International Student Orientation are allowed to arrive and move-in to their dorm rooms a few days earlier.  The International Student Orientation is designed to assist with the transition to the campus from an international perspective.  A sample of last year’s schedule

A student moving into their new dorm!

includes information sessions about banking, campus safety, housing information, immigration issues, and class registration combined with opportunities to go shopping, eat meals with your fellow international students, and just begin to get acquainted to the university.  It is also helpful to review the International Student Handbook for more information on packing, getting here, visas, transportation, cell phones, banking, etc.

Any student on a visa is required to attend the International Student Orientation while any student not on a visa has the option to attend.  Would I attend if I was in your position?  I would definitely consider it – you have the opportunity to meet other incoming students with international backgrounds and get adjusted to living here a few days in advance of the rest of the incoming new students.  Besides – free food is always a great perk!

New Student Orientation begins on the afternoon/evening of August 27.  (August 27 is the Move-In Day for the entire new student population.) This orientation program is designed to assist the ENTIRE freshman class and with their transition to campus.  Every new student is required to participate in New Student Orientation and each student will be in a small group of about 12-15 other new students.  There will be a variety of activities  to become acclimated to campus with the other 1,300+ new students.  You can find more information about this orientation by visiting the New Student Orientation website including a schedule, directions, etc.

Most importantly, as you are getting ready to move to Elon, feel free to ask lots of questions!  This is a HUGE time for transition and we are here to assist you with this process.  Never hesitate to contact myself or any of the offices (Academic Advising, Bursar’s, etc.) should you need assistance.  Everyone is looking forward to greeting you here upon your arrival and we want do to make this process as “painless” as possible for you and your family!


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