My name is Anthony, and I am an international student here at Elon University. I am a citizen of the twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean, where I spent the first 14 years of my life. I lived there until I moved to the United States, because of my dad’s job in 2006. 

 When I came to the US, I went through high school and started looking for colleges during senior year. I had attended a college fair near to my school and I signed up on the Elon University mailing list, so I received lots of information about the school and all it has to offer. I did my research on the school, and after I found out that they offered my desired field of study, I applied.

 I visited the campus for the first time in March 2009, when I attended a Multicultural Experiences weekend, and that weekend had me sold. Elon had a beautiful campus, including the weather, and the faculty and students were for the most part really friendly when I visited. The warm, welcoming environment and an excellent program in the field that I wanted to study in made it official that Elon was the school that I was going to attend.  

 I was accepted to the school and now I am a student here at Elon. I will never regret choosing Elon and the many different experiences I enjoyed and continue to enjoy while I am a student. Some of my experiences included joining the Model United Nations Club, ballroom dancing, intramural sports teams, Residence Life projects and more.  There is always something to do at Elon, regardless of what your interests are.

 Attending Elon University was one of the best choices I think I made in my life, and I know the benefits of attending Elon will carry on way past graduation day.

 If you have any questions about Elon, feel free to contact me at

Looking forward to hear from you,

Anthony ‘13


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