Week 2

Hey guys, its time for blog post number 2. This week has been really busy. Classes are in full swing and so are all clubs and activities so I was super busy, meaning no sleep time. Have to be careful with all the activities I am involved with or else my academics might suffer, which is not a good thing.

Despite how busy the week was, I  managed to officially declare my majors. I declared a double major in International Studies and Political Science and I am so pumped to start taking classes the focus mainly on those subjects.  All students have to declare a major of study by sophomore year and that will be the intended degree that they are working for. I started off as Environmental Studies, but I kept my options open  and explored other subjects a bit and discovered that I liked International Studies and Political Science more so I switched my major.  I am really excited because I will get a new academic adviser ( person who helps choose your classes and other academic related things) who will guide me through my majors.

In other good news, Barcelona won first Champions league game, which was not so challenging but we’re on our way to Champions league victory. There is a full kitchen in my dorm so my suite mates and I started cooling food this week with it. Cooked breakfast for dinner, which was surprisingly successful.

Anyways, that all for now.  I am still familiarizing myself with blogging so it will get better with the next post. I’ll be sure to add pictures for next time so its not like a home work reading. Hope you come back next week.


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