End of Septmeber

Hey guys,  September has come to an end and with that, the end of the first month of school at Elon this semester. It definitely passed by very quickly. Just a recap of everything that happened in these last two weeks:

Bo Burnham performed live at Elon on Tuesday the 21st. It was a really funny show and he does it all through rapping and singing, talks super fast though. It was in the alumni gym and there was quite big turn out, especially since it was on a Tuesday.

Bo Burnham as he perfomrs live on stae at Elon

Haitian Resurrection Dance theater group performed at Elon.  It was sponsored by the Truitt Religious Center, and the dance team  was sponsored by St. Joseph Family, which is an orphanage where they teach street kids arts and dances etc. It was a really awesome performance, they played live music using drums, and they performed skits and interpretive dances about daily life for street kids in Haiti. The performers even used  random audience members in their show.

Some of my friends and I did a scavenger hunt last Friday. It was really fun and really random. One of the members in the group had decided to make a scavenger hunt around campus and we all agreed to do it. We had to do things from teaching random people how to “Dougie” to building pyramids with strangers.

Me teaching some people at Accorn how to Dougie

I joined an intramural flag football team last week and we won our first game. It was fun, but it was raining so the other games this week were canceled. Thank goodness for the rain though, it was really hot and dry here for most of September. The lakes were so low, but now they are back to their normal levels.

Anyways, its the first of October and family weekend starts tomorrow. Family weekend is when the families of all the students can come to campus and they can spend time together. Its really fun because their are activities for the families and a home football game.

Anyways, that’s an update on what is happening/ what I am doing around Elon. Come back next week, for the next blog update.


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