One Busy September

Am I the only one who is wondering where the ENTIRE month of September went?!

While I try to comprehend the fact that it is already October, I thought I might give you a quick update on where Elon has already traveled to this fall (outside of the continental United States):

ASIA:  Myself and four of my colleagues at other schools (Chapman University, Villanova University, Lynn University, and Babson College) spent two weeks visiting 9 different countries and visiting a variety of schools in each of the countries.  To give you a quick snapshot of where we visited, here is a

Hooray for Pocari Sweat!

country-by-country list of schools that we visited:

  • South Korea:  Seoul International School, Korea International School, Seoul Foreign School
  • Taiwan:  Taipei American School, International Bilingual School of Hsinchu Science Park
  • China: Shanghai American School – Pudong, Shanghai American School – Puxi, Concordia International School
  • Thailand:  International School of Bangkok, Ruamrudee International School
  • Malaysia: International School of Kuala Lumpur
  • Philippines: International School of Manila
  • Singapore: Overseas Family School, Singapore American School, International Community School
  • Hong Kong: Island School, Canadian International School, South Island School

As I mentioned earlier, we technically visited 9 countries – my travel group and I had the opportunity to travel to Cambodia and spend the weekend there.  However, we did not visit any schools during our 1 1/2 days in the country!  Overall, it was a fantastic trip and I had the opportunity to meet so many students while traveling!  The schools we visited were eager for us to visit as we were to visit them.  We even managed to have a bit of fun – as you can see our from our photo above!  (We love the Pocari Sweat drink!)

EUROPE:  The Dean of Admission (Greg Zaiser) returned to his international-traveling roots and visited several European countries in the month of September.  (For those that may not be aware, Dean Greg Zaiser was instrumental in beginning international recruitment for Elon University.)   Here is a quick list of some of the places that he traveled to – maybe you had a chance to meet him?

  • United Kingdom: ACS Cobham, ACS Egham, ACS Hillingdon, TASIS England, Marymount International School, American School of London, US College Day London
  • France:  International School of Paris, American School of Paris, CIS Paris College Day
  • Belgium: International School of Brussels, St. John’s International School

As you can see, Dean Zaiser was a little bit of everywhere – in little over a week!  I know he enjoyed the opportunity to travel internationally – he’s already asked me to travel again next year!  In addition to doing school visits and some college fairs, Dean Zaiser also took part in an alumni/ parent/ currently enrolled student event held at the house of a Parents Council members’ house.

PUERTO RICO: Mrs. Zaire McCoy traveled to Puerto Rico on behalf of Elon during the month of September.  She spent an entire week visiting 3-4 schools per day as part of the Caribbean Counselor’s Association Fall College Tour program.  And was she busy!  From my conversation with Zaire, she was constantly busy at each of the various schools that she visited (Colegio Marista, Dorado Academy, TASIS Dorado, Baldwin School, Academia San Jose, Academica Maria Reina, Robinson School, to name a few) – which is FANTASTIC because we had never done this program before!  I’m pretty confident in saying that continued to travel to Puerto Rico is definitely in store for Elon University.

Well, this was a quick recap and hopefully some of the readers had a chance to meet either myself or my colleagues this past month!  I’m heading out on the road again very soon – in one week, I will be traveling throughout Latin America with a colleague from Roger Williams University.  Countries we will be visiting include:  Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Brazil, and Ecuador.  Hopefully I will see some of you at your schools!


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