Fall at Elon

Hey all, its fall here at Elon and so the trees are changing color and the leaves are falling. Its pretty, but things are super busy. Its coming down to the end of the semester so a lot of clubs are putting on events and classes are getting busier making this time pretty intense.  These things range from musical, to multiple day simulations to 22 page papers.  Things have been pretty active so I’ll go over some of the things I’ve done so far since my last post.

Cast members performing in the musical Children of Eden

So this semester,  Elon’s outstanding musical theater program produced a musical called Children of Eden and it was fantastic. The show brings a theatrical perspective on the creation story in the bible, with beautiful music and vibrant costumes. The show was of Broadway quality and showcased fully the talents and skills of Elon’s music theater program.  This is a link to the pendulum with an article and some pictures about the show  http://www.elon.edu/pendulum/Story.aspx?id=4503.

ME trying not to fall down on the ice

I went Ice skating for the for the first time as well.  A group of friends and I we went to Greensboro, about 30mins away, to a skating rink for a friend’s birthday. I t was my first time ever skating and it was pretty scary at first but it got better the longer I did it.  I also went line dancing after that. We found out some other friends were line dancing in the area at a place called Arizona Pete’s, which was 5 minutes from the skating rink so we joined them.

In other news, Elon had some home football games that we won. Before  this last weekend Elon had a losing streak but now its all tied up even and there is a chance to end on a winning note, even though we won’t go to the play offs.  In addition to Elon football, the ballroom team also picked up with training starting on Sunday’s. Its pretty exciting and I’m pumped to start to dancing my heart away.

Friends and I at Arizona Pete's ( thats him in the background)

This past weekend Model United Nations had its crisis simulation. It’s a two day event and took place on Sunday and Monday Evening. It was fun, it featured the international relations classes of several professors and was supported by the Political Science department.  It was definitely fun for me, I was member of diplomatic corps and we chaired meetings of representatives of the different committees which was fun.

Well this is what I’ve been up to this fall, not forgetting to mention my classes.  Thanksgiving break is around the corner so I’m exited for that. I’m heading up to DC where I’ve got family so that is exciting. However when we get back from break and now actually, its time to start preparing for final exams!

But as always if you need to ask questions or get in contact with Elon students, let me know. Shoot me an Email at interadm@elon.edu or skype me at eloninteradm.  Or if you have one, follow me on twitter at Eloninteradm.


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