What Does It Mean To Be DEFERRED? (Part II of III)

(Please note:  This is part II in a series of  3 posts that help to explain the Early Action Decisions.  Decisions will be available Monday, December 20 at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.  Today’s post focuses on receiving an Early Action deferral.)

Of all the different admissions decisions that can happen, I honestly think that being differed is often the most confusing one!  Thus today’s blog post to help those of you who find those words on your Elon OnTrack screen.  Hopefully I can provide some insight into what this decision actually means and what you can do from this moment forward.  And don’t worry – deferrals happen!  In all honesty, when I was applying to universities, I was deferred too.  I know how it feels and the questions that often arise:

“Was the Admissions Committee missing some information?”

“Does this mean I am Wait-Listed?”

“Deferral must mean that I am declined?”

The answer to all of these questions is a resounding “No“.   Essentially, what a deferral of admissions means is that the admissions committee is still interested in your application and would like to see additional information in order to make a final decision on your application.  In most cases, Elon University will require the submission of your first semester grades (or second trimester if your school is on a trimester schedule.)  When this information becomes available, please have it sent to us – this keeps your application file with Elon open.

Once we receive your additional information, the Admissions Committee will then review your application again in the context of the Final Deadline pool.  Having the additional information will allow us to see not only how you are doing in your current school year, but also that you are still considering Elon University.

Something else that you can do is to keep in contact with the Admissions Office – meaning send your admissions counselor an email to let them know that you are still interested in the university.  Any updates about extracurricular achievements are also welcome and will be added to your application file.  While keeping in touch with the Admissions Office can never guarantee an acceptance, it certainly doesn’t hurt!  Find who your admissions counselor is and definitely send them an email!

I hope this information is helpful and please know that we understand any decision other than an accept is disappointing.  However, consider this as an opportunity to showcase how great your senior year has been both academically and outside of the classroom!


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