Winter Term 2011

Hey guys,

Happy New Year from Elon University. Winter Break is done and the students are back on campus ready for an exciting Winter Term and an awesome Spring Semester.

I would just like to explain a little bit what Winter Term is about and then show you what the looks like for an Elon student.  It’s a little bit of confusing time for most first year students as well as prospective students because most schools do not have a Winter or January Term, but just do the Fall and Spring Semester.

Winter Term is a period of approximately 3 weeks in the month of January after Winter break, when students come back to school to take a single class. The class is 3 hours a day 5 days a week and is usually a 4 credit class. It is typically a class that would be a full semester long, and so each day of class represents a week of class during a regular semester. Although many students take classes that pertain to their major or area of focus, Winter term is especially a good time to take a class that is outside of your major and try something new. For example this Winter Term I am taking a Literature class and I am a Political Science major. I took the class because it’s different and gives me some more diversity in my academics.

During Winter Term the majority of the students return to the campus and take the four credit class, but it is also one of the most popular time periods for Study Abroad Programs, because of how short the Term is. Instead of spending an entire Semester abroad, many students prefer to spend the three weeks studying abroad and taking their class, and keeping the semesters free. It presents a good way for students to sneak in a study abroad period, especially if there semester seem pretty booked.

Winter Term is also a cool time because it opens more free time in the day to participate on organizations and clubs on campus. I know that although the classes have a greater emphasis on home work during this term, there is still a lot of available time for activities and so clubs take advantage of that time. For example Elon Outdoors (student run club) has more outings during this time than normal because students have more free time than usual.

I hope this helps understand what Winter term is like from a students perspective. It’s a great time to try new things without much consequence to the rest of your college time.  Because this post is so long, in the next post I’ll show you what a typical day looks like with my Winter Term class.



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