Hey all,

Hows it going. I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the new year and that the Winter is not too cold for you if you experience winter where ever you are.  It has definitely been a real Winter here at Elon so far. We already had our first snow day of the year which was pretty cool and then it melted and refroze so classes started late yesterday as well.

Some  updates from Elon thus far, we have a new American football coach. Our old football coach’s contract expired at the end of the season and so now our new coach is Coach Jason Swepson. Check out the following link to see videos of him from his press conference.

In other news, Elon men’s basketball team is now 3-3 in the conference and the record for the team now stands at 9-8 which is the best the team has done since I’ve been at Elon. It is a super exciting time for Elon basketball and the next big game is coming up at home next Saturday at Davidson.

It seems as though this Winter Term has a very athletic feel to it.

Elon’s construction plans are getting underway. The new Colonnades dorms are popping up really quickly and will be available for the fall next year. The Colonnades are nice dorms, definitely worth looking at. The old news paper building will soon be gone and the new three story building will start very soon. The new building will house the school news paper on the top floor, the school book store on the 2nd floor and on the first floor will be two shops. Really excited for that. The Career center, will move to where the bookstore is currently in Moseley (student center). That’s an  update as to what will be happening soon.

Check out this link to the pendulum about some of the construction taking place at Elon


Other new things to come to the blog in the next couple of weeks, starting from next week there will be a different international student featured on the blog, just so that you can see what other international students are up to on campus. Their contact information will also hopefully be available so if you would like to get in contact with them you can do so.

Until then, if you have any questions, send to me at, or post them on the facebook page named Elon University International Admissions.




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