Week three and four of 2011 at Elon

Hey guys,

So Winter Term is pretty much over, but there have been quite a few events on campus I want to let you guys know about.

First off, the Alumni Field House at Rhodes Stadium is now Open. Its the newest addition to the Stadium and the facility will house most of the Athletic resources and equipment the school’s Varsity Sports teams need.  I just checked out the photos of the inside of the field house and it looks REALLY cool.  The picture is a view of the House from the stands on the home side of the stadium.

This is a really cool picture of the House in comparison to the ever    upgrading  stadium. The new and improved facilities will help Elon attract more quality athletes for the sports teams.

Check out this link for the other pictures on the Field House:


On another note, I read that Zip Car which is a cool car rental program on campus is now accepting International Drivers Licenses. This is awesome news because as an international student, having a car on campus can be a hassle, especially if you don’t have family near the school in the US,  and renting cars is super expensive and you have to be 25. With the new Zipcar, once you register with them you can grab one of the Zipcars and use it when you need to and when you are done just take it back.  Here is the link to the article I found about the Zipcars at Elon : http://www.elon.edu/e-net/Note.aspx?id=949945.  Here is also a link to the website so you can get information about the program. I know Elon has a Zipcar station in front of Moseley (student center): http://www.zipcar.com/universities/

Thursday the 20th was the annual Polar Plunge hosted by Elon Residence Life. Every Winter Term, it is an Elon Tradition for Residence Life to host an event where students are allowed to run into Lake May Nell and swim around for a bit. Normally, there is a huge fin for swimming in the lake, but the polar plunge allows people to swim in the lake without fear of the fine.

http://www.elon.edu/e-web/news/photo_galleries/2011polarbearplunge.xhtml- Check out this link for more photos from the Polar Plunge.

Students Running in to the frigid lake Mary Nell for the Polar Plunge

Basketball Season

Basketball this Winter Term has been especially exciting. Compared to the previous season, our men’s and women’s basketball teams are performing exceptionally well. I have been to three home Basketball games and there are really fun. The team plays well and the atmosphere is great.  Any how the games I went to were against Sanford, Georgia Southern and our biggest conference game so far against Davidson. Check out the video Below to see highlights from the win over Georgia Southern.

Those have been a few of the major events on campus campus during this last Winter Term. Most of the  students who studied abroad this Winter Term will be arriving withing the next couple of days and they will most likely be doing presentations or some sort of a summary of their trips. I am glad it is coming to an end, although it was fun, it was also very busy. The ballroom team picked up its training during this time so I was always doing something. After final exams on Tuesday25th, we have a fake break, which is a one week break after Winter Term before spring semester begins when you go home and rest, or stay on campus. It is when recruitment for Sororities takes place so many girls stay to go through recruitment process.

Until the Spring Semester officially starts in about one week, I will not be posting anything or tweeting, but feel free to send emails.



International Admissions Intern


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