Spring Semester

Hey all,

Spring Semester has officially started. Although it started last week, I took a little bit of time to figure out my schedule and my classes before I came to work. Its a good thing I did that too because this semester is shaping up to be very busy. Winter Term ended pretty well. My final exam in my Literature class went well, although it was rather difficult but it was good to just complete the class. After Winter Term, we had a one week break from school called Fake Break and so I went to Maryland to relax for a bit. Although I could have stayed on campus, I chose not to because the majority of my friends headed back home and the other people left were going through Sorority Recruitment.

But like I said this semester is shaping up to be pretty busy. Just to let you in on what I am doing, I have five classes this semester worth 17 credits total. I am taking Model United Nations, a one credit class, American Government, History in the 20th Century, Spanish 222 and Research methods. These classes are going pretty well so far, but later on will become rather difficult and take a lot of time.  In addition to my classes, I have extra ballroom training because our competitions start soon and I am working everyday blogging and doing other nifty things (but that is fun).

This semester too Elon got exchange students from France, Singapore and Austria and they are really cool. Meeting them was very exciting and it seems as though they are enjoying their time here, even though they think classes here are harder than their home schools. Although a lot of cool exchange students came this semester, several of my really good friends went abroad this semester. They went to England, Ireland, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Ghana. They all have blogs up that can be found through the Elon website so I can see what they are up to and how they are enjoying their experiences.

In other news, Elon basketball is going pretty well. We are doing much better this season that last season and the majority of our starters are first year students, so the team has potential of being dominant in the next few years. Baseball season is about to start, and our team is really good. They mainly play during the Spring so that’s something to look forward to.

Anyways that is just an update of things to expect this semester. As always if you have any questions about any aspect of campus life or the admissions process, send me an email at interadm@elon.edu, or follow my facebook page its Elon University International Admission. I look forward to hearing your questions.


PS. look out for a feature post on one of the international students on campus on Friday.


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