International Student Feature: Victoria Lou Elliot

Hey all,  

Meet Victoria-Lou, also known as Elliot. Elliot is an International student here at Elon and she is from Manila in the Philippines. Elliot is a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Acting Major here at Elon and is one of very few international students involved with Elon performing arts.

First of all Elliot, although she is a citizen of the Philippines, she went to the American School in Singapore, where she got heavily involved with theater. Elliot started her acting career before high school, she took her first acting class when she was in 7th grade and continued to learn music and how to dance. In her high school, she was a lead character in the Seussical, she was a part of Chess the Musical; she performed a series of scenes and monologues by David Mamet; performed a play called Monty Python and wrote and directed her own student written plays in high school.

In keeping with her love for theater in high, Elliot came to Elon  auditioned the theater program. At first she did not get into the program, but she auditioned again after her freshman year and is now in the BFA Acting Department. According to Elliot, Elon’s performing arts department is very competitive to get into because of its Conservatory style of teaching the arts. In addition to Elon’s conservatory approach to the arts, Elliot liked the performing arts department here at Elon because it teaches students the business aspect of the performing arts. Elliot really likes that the department teaches the students important steps to getting into the industry such as resume building, how to do  head-shots and more.

Elliot (In red)performing at her high school


Although Elliot is a BFA Acting Major, she is very involved around campus as a member of the A-Team and with the work she does at the Isabella Cannon International Center. With the A-Team,Elliot works with Admissions and leads tours around campus and works at events on campus involving prospective students. Elliot is also very involved with the Isabella Cannon International Center, which hosts lots of events teaching and show casing international cultures around campus. One of Elliot’s dreams now that she is a member of the BFA Acting Program is to attract more international students to the program. Currently she is one of two international students involved with the program.


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