Spring Semester Events for Admitted and Prospectives students

Hey all,

It’s spring semester and Elon is as beautiful as ever. The weather is getting warmer, the trees   are growing their leaves, and flowers are in full bloom. This is one of Elon’s favorite times for admissions events are there are lots going on and coming up that you may want to plan for if you can. These events are for both admitted students and prospective students who are now beginning their college searches.

Lets start of with Spring Orientation. There are generally two orientation sessions during the Spring and semester and one of those sessions in taking place this weekend. But don’t worry because the second session isn’t until April 15-16 but you have to register for it. Spring Orientation is for those students who have decided that they are attending Elon in the fall, and is an excellent way to get familiar with the campus before you move in at the start of fall semester. Here are some links to the schedule for the Orientation and for the registration page:

Schedule- http://www.elon.edu/e-web/admissions/orientation_schedule.xhtml

Register- https://www.elon.edu/admissions/orientation_registration.aspx

Also, if you are an International Student, International Fellows interviews are going on now so email Cheryl Borden, Director of International Admissions, for more information. Here is her email- cbordern2@elon.edu

Another really cool series of events during the spring is called Phoenix Fridays. Phoenix  are for students who have been accepted to the school and provides them the opportunity to go to class and have lunch with a current student. It is only a half day event so that leaves plenty of time for exploring the campus and asking all sorts of different questions. As with Spring orientation you must register so that you can be paired up with a current student and the dates are April 1, 8 or 29. Here are links for the registration and schedule of events.

Registration- http://www.elon.edu/admissions/PhoenixFriday.aspx

Schedule- http://www.elon.edu/e-web/admissions/phoenix_fridays.xhtm

For the prospective students, Elon is having an Open House on April 9th. This is perfect if you haven’t decided to attend yet and need to get in one last visit to the school or if you are a junior in high school getting ready to start your college career. At the open house you can spend a day touring Elon’s campus and meet professors and students who will answer all of your questions about college life. You can learn more about Elon’s academic and scholarship programs. Here are some links for registration and the schedule:

Registration- http://www.elon.edu/admissions/springopenhouse.aspx

Schedule- http://www.elon.edu/e-web/admissions/spring_open.xhtml

These are a few of Elon’s Spring Admission events. Not on this list as yet is the Multicultural Experience Weekend, but as soon as there is more information on that I will post it on the blog.  I hope you all can make it to one of these sessions. If you do, feel free to email myself at interadm@elon.edu if you would like to meet up, or if you have any questions.


Have a good weekend


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