Spring Semester and Midterm Season

Hello all,

Kristen and I dancing in a Waltz or Foxtrot in the smooth portion of the competition

Spring Semester here at Elon is going and as expected I have been extremely busy all around. As usual academics demand a lot of time, but the time demand for extracurricular activities has also increased. What that leaves is an Elon student who is working at high levels academically and socially in terms of extracurricular activities, with no sleep. And its midterm week. It’s halfway through the semester and classes have exams or essays or projects to see how the students are doing thus far. After this week though, is Spring break and I think any student at Elon would tell you just how ready they are for the break. But here is just an update with what I’ve been doing so far this semester.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I picked up ballroom dancing and I go to competitions. Well this Spring I went to a competition and I competed with two girls on the team, Kristen ,Jordan and Phyllis (they’re all a lot better than me). It was a lot of fun. We traveled to North Carolina State University and competed at their fair grounds in a huge arena against couples from many schools including University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, from North Carolina State, College of William and Mary and Wake Forest. I danced a lot dances, including Rumba, Cha Cha, Swing,Foxtrot, Tango and the Waltz. I danced the Tango with Jordan and the Swing with Phyllis. All the other dances I danced with Kristen who is my dance partner. It was a fun competition and Kristen and I placed 5th place in our rumba. Jordan and I placed third in our Tango and Phyllis and I placed fourth in our Swing.

Other things that have been happening this Spring Semester, one of the

My date auction dates, Julie (Left) and Tara (Right), and I on our group date.

clubs that I am a part of called Inter Varsity held a date auction to raise money for an organization called BrightPoint for Children which runs an orphanages in African Countries. The whole objective of the auction, was that a bunch of us guys would be auctioned off to the rest of the group for dates and the money payed for the guy would go towards BrightPoint for Children. That night we raised over $2000 and I was auctioned off for $85. Two of my good friends Julie and Tara bought me and I took them out bowling, it was fun. The guy who was sold for the most, was sold for $600, but that was a combination of over 40 people.  It was all in good fun, and BrightPoint definitely appreciated the $2000.

Other activities going on, this past weekend was a Spring Orientation Day and so admitted students can visit the campus and go to a class and learn about some of the administrative aspects of being a student on campus. So there were a lot of future students, around 300, on campus on Friday and Saturday. Well some of my friends and I from IV have this tradition where we dress up super preppy and play croquet on the lawn in front of the student center where all the new students enter. It’s actually a pretty big tradition for the group and so over 50 people attended. I went this time and I brought my cricket bat because I played cricket in Trinidad. It was a fun time, the weather was perfect and there were a lot of prospective students around to see us.

My suitemates and I at the croquet game. From left to right, they are Brent, Greg, Trey and Rob

Anyways those are some of the things that I have been up to this Spring. I am preparing for the huge Model UN Crisis simulation in April and there is a lot of research going into that. In addition this is midterms week and so I have been extremely busy studying and doing projects and other assignments, but Spring Break is just around the bend and I am excited. I am going home with one of my good friends Nat for the break and its going to be fun so I’m excited. Anyways I hope you enjoy this post. As always if you have any questions please feel free to shoot me an email at interadm@elon.edu, and although I will be on Spring Break, I would absolutely not mind answering you questions through email.


ELon ’13



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