Elon After Spring Break

Hey guys,

Spring Semester is extremely busy this year. Aside from the work for my classes, clubs and different organizations that I am a part of are having more and more events. Even the school has increased the number of events that is hosting. So this blog post will give the rundown of what has been going on so far since Spring Break a couple weeks ago.

Thione Niang speaking at an event hosted by the Elon College Democrats

Starting from last week, one of my friends, Aaron is the President of the Elon College Democrats club, and the club arranged for a speaker to come in to school to talk about his experiences. The speaker who came was Thione Niang, a former campaign manager for current US president Barack Obama during his presidential election. Thione was originally born in Senegal in Africa but came to the US at the age of 18 to go to a community college in Ohio. His story was like non other in that he came with $20 in his pocket, but he found work and was able to pay for his living expenses in the US. After working on the campaign for President Obama, Thione started the Give1 Project which is his non-profit multinational organization which is dedicated to changing the lives and inspiring young people around the world. His organizations spreads through Asia, the Africa, Europe, central American and in the US. My friend who is the president of the College Democrats is a product of the Give1 project. Thione Niang is now a very influential man, “The most influential man in Paris”, according to Aaron. There is a pendulum article about his visit, here is the link for it:


Other things to happen since Spring Break, Elon held its Spring Convocation for Honors. Although I didn’t get to go to convocation, I watched it live online. The convocation is held to honor students who made the Dean’s list and the Presidents list as well as the graduating class and the faculty. This semester we had a panel of speakers come to talk about the national challenges facing the US that that the students at Elon will have to face. Moderating the Panel was NBC Anchor Brian Williams. The panelists were: David Gergen, a senior political analyst for CNN and former advisor to four US presidents; David Walker, former U.S. Comptroller General and head of the US Government Accountability

Elon University President, Leo Lambert, introduces the panelists and the moderator for the Spring Convocation for honors

Office; Shirley Anne Jackson, former chair of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and president of Rensselear Polytechnic Institute;  Eboo Patel, a journalist and Advisor to Barack Obama  on faith based relations; and David Lenin, founder of the Knowledge is Power Program, a series of charter schools that educated kids from low income areas. It was extremely interesting and a lot of information was covered. I’ll post some links to video clips and articles that go more in depth about the convocation.


This link takes you to an article about the convocation and at the side of the article are videos of the panelists and the moderator.

Other events at Elon since Spring Break about three weeks ago include Elonthon which is a 24 hour dance marathon. It is a huge fund raising event at Elon for the Duke Children hospital. The event is held each year and is one of the most popular events of Spring Semester. Tons of clubs have teams that enter the marathon and people can dance for 6 hour shifts throughout the day. Unfortunately I did not get to participate in Elonthon this year because I was speaking at a Spring orientation panel, but I heard it was a lot of fun and I had a few friends who did all 24 hours.( FTK For The Kids) Last year, Elonthon raised over $100,000dollars.

About a week ago Model United nations had its crisis simulation. This simulation is a huge event that is put on by the MUN club for International relations classes and it is a lot of fun. It is on a Sunday evening and Monday night and it is a lot of high intensity fun.  For the simulation, the classes are divided into committees, and each committee represents a country in a specific region and the committees have to act and react to different scenarios similar to how their respective countries would react, but with their own touches of imagination. The simulation is fun and the students (and club members like myself) enjoy it tons.

Anyways that’s just a look at a few events that have happened so far this semester post Spring Break. Elon in the Spring is extremely busy, but extremely beautiful. Except for a random tornado storm that came through, Elon is awesome and teeming with life now. As usual, if you have any questions, email me at interadm@elon.edu or friend me on Facebook, I’m ElonUniversity Interadm.


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