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If you have been visiting the website recently or talking to Elon people then you have probably heard about the SURF presentations, so I decided to do a quick post briefly explaining what that is.  First of all, SURF is an acronym for Spring Undergraduate Research Forum and so SURF day is a day dedicated to presentations by students of the Undergraduate Research. Undergraduate research is one of the Elon experiences (Research, Internships,Study Abroad, Leadership, Service) that students are required to accomplish before they graduate. Elon cancels classes on this day so that the student body can go and see what research fellow students have been doing. It’s a really cool event and anyone can do a presentations as long as they approved by the school to present. Students have done their presentations on a wide range of subjects from International Relations in the Middle East, to dance presentations from dance majors, SURF day is open to all students from all areas of study.

Although I did not attend any presentations this Spring, here are some people who I know who presented and what they presented on:

Andrew– Rhetorical Battlefields- Transnational Islamist Insurgency, Dialectical Strategy and Post- Ba’athist Iraq from 2005 to 2007- Andrew is the President of the Model United Nations club and he has an interest in the relations of the Middle East so he partnered with a professor from the department of Religious studies to research Al Qaeda and how it fits into his title. My roommate went to the presentation and said it was exceptional.

Steven– Another friend of mine, he is featured on the Elon website for his research presentation on Catholicism. Here is a link to the article featuring Steven:

Not a lot but they are a few people who did presentations. The week that SURF day presentations take place is known as CELEBRATE WEEK, which is dedicated to highlighting student academic achievements.

If you have anymore questions about SURF send me an email at


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