End of the Year

Hey guys,

This is the final blog post from me (Anthony) for this semester and academic school year but it has been fun. As of today I am officially done with all of my classes of sophomore year . The next step is to survive and do well on my final exams and then home to Trinidad and Tobago for the summer. It has been a fun year at Elon this year and I have surely blogged about all of my experiences at Elon. This post will just get you caught up on some of last few activities and what generally happens around this time of year for all students.

For starters,  this last Friday was Elon’s big Spring show. We had Wale, Neon Trees and Super Mash bros perform for us. I personally could not make it the concert, but it is easily one of the biggest shows that is hosted at Elon and I heard that it was really good. The show is brought to Elon by SUB (Student Union Board) and they organize different events and concerts for the student body. The group is completely student run, although it gets money for the school for the events that it hosts.

Other smaller events in the last two weeks include Rock the Lawn and the Cinelon Film Festival. This year was the First Rock the Lawn concert at Elon, and it is a music festival where student bands and local bands can come and perform and show off their musical talents. Elon has a great music and performing arts program and so the show allows another performance opportunity for the talent that Elon has. The Cinelon Film Festival was yesterday at a local movie theater, it is an opportunity for Elon Cinema majors and other students to show short movies that they produced and filmed during the year. The event is extremely popular in the School of Communications and my suite mates worked on a film that was showed at the festival.

Anyways besides that there a few things that all students are required to do at this time of year. First of all, students who are going to be here in the next semester should have registered for their classes in the fall. I know that I have and my class schedule next semester is going to be challenging but interesting. In addition to that, all students should know where they are going to live next year.  This is a pretty important part of college life. Many students living on campus this year may move off campus, and so they should have already signed their leases and made arrangements to move into their apartments or houses. Other wise, just in general all students who live on campus (except the Oaks) have to move out, so students should rent storage units if they need it or get friends to help them move things around. The most important part of moving out is making sure your dorm rooms are cleaned, this way you don’t fined for leaving a messy room.

That’s about it. Classes end today, and them tomorrow is reading day which is just a free day for students to study and prepare for finals. After that, then I’m headed home to Trinidad and Tobago. Over the summer, I will be doing a few blog posts so keep an eye out.

Thanks for reading all year and I hope you come back next year.



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