Welcome Back

Hey guys,

So for everyone who is at Elon, WELCOME BACK for the 2011-2012 academic year and also Welcome to the new First Year class of 2015. It is great to have and to see so many new faces. This freshman class this year is the largest class Elon has seen as well as its most diverse. Check out this link for details on the incoming First Year Class : http://www.elon.edu/e-net/Note.aspx?id=954545.

But I came back to Elon a week before classes started etc, but that was mainly to help out with International Student Orientation. This is a special orientation for full time International Students and Exchange students to move in and get more accustomed to American culture before all the other First year students arrive onto campus. It provides international students with a crash course into the American academic culture as well as giving valuable information about visa information and international job opportunities.  It was really fun and there were quite a few international students. I think since I’ve been at Elon, it is the largest group of students for the International orientation that I have see so that is extremely promising. There is even another student from Trinidad and Tobago…super excited. One of the students took picture of the orientation so I will post an album with those pictures later on this week.

In other things, this post comes at the start of the first full week of class and after our first week of class and I can safely say that this semester will be really busy. So keep checking in because there will be  A LOT of posts this semester.

Don’t forget to visit again later this week for pictures from International Orientation and then for a post on my summer. As always, if you have any questions about Elon University, send me an email at interadm@elon.edu, or skype me, my name is eloninteradm.


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