Homecoming Weekend

Hey all,

This weekend is homecoming weekend!!!A weekend almost completely dedicated to Elon’s alumni. In case you were wondering, alumni are students who graduated from Elon. Anyways this weekend has started amazingly, my RA or resident assistant from my first year at Elon is visiting this weekend and he is crashing at my house (shameless plug for a good friends and mentor at school).  Anyways here are some of the events that are planned for this weekend:

1. There is dedication to start the construction of the Numen Lumen Pavilion, which is the school’s new multi-faith center. It will serve as a location where people of all religious backgrounds can go and practice their faith that is safe and protected from negative scrutiny. It is part of the Elon global Citizen initiative and is going be a part of the Academic Pavilion.

2. There is a rally planned for Elon as well to celebrate the success of the Ever Elon Campaign. This was a fundraising event to raise $100 million dollars to put towards the future development of the school. The celebration will feature music, free food, cheers and an awesome fireworks display to cap it all off.

3. On Saturday there is a home football game and the alumni can go to the game, and there are several specialty tailgates planned by various organizations, for their alumni. Many organizations like El Centro de Espanol, Greek organizations and even some club sports may choose to have tailgates or special events for their returning alumni.

Well, these are a few of the many events going this weekend. There are lots of more Division one Sports games going on, awesome volunteer  and service opportunities, and academic department open houses.  Next week I will post any pictures or videos  of the events that I take. Until enjoy your weekend.




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