International Student Activities

Hi all,

So the last few weeks were filled of international student activities and the upcoming weeks will be too. Here is a run down of the events, past and upcoming:

On Thursday the 27th of October, the Elon international society had one of its first events, an Arabian Night. It was an

EIS With the Belly Dancers

event featuring Arabian food and music, with an added performance surprise. There were Belly Dancers and it was fun. Each month the Elon International Society focuses on a specific region of the world and last month was the Middle East.  We partnered with ALO (Arabic Language Organization) to host the event and it was fun. I learned to belly dance but sadly there were no videos so you can’t laugh at me.

This upcoming weekend, Elon is hosting an International Student Leadership Conference, sponsored by the North Carolina Association for International Educators. This will be fun because we have about 85-90 international students from across North Carolina coming to Elon on Saturday and Sunday and the EIS and other students are helping as student volunteers this weekend. The conference will feature presentations from several Elon students and faculty, as well as a special presentation by the Invisible Children  International organization.

Also in two weeks is the Elon International Education week. It will feature tons of events by different organizations such as Periclean Scholars and Latin American Student Organisation (LASO), and the Isabella Cannon International Center (ICIC).  The Elon International Society is hosting an event called Taste of the World on the 18th of November and it is a potluck lunch featuring foods from all over the world and music from all over the world.

Other than that ICIC has arranged several trips for international students to the North Carolina State Fair and has many more trips planned. The Phoenix Pal program, and international student support group just got officially started. This means that if you are accepted to Elon and you would like to, you can talk to a current student at the school before you come. This first ‘pal’ will serve as a mentor and friends while you are here to help you get settled and make your transition to University much easier.


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