Happy Thanksgiving

Hey guys,

So I know the majority of the world does not celebrate it,  but its Thanksgiving Break at Elon so school is closed until next Monday.

So I imagine you’re wondering what international students do during thanksgiving. Well I know some of the international students are staying on campus. Elon allows international students to stay on campus during Thanksgiving break so there is no pressure for them to find places to go stay. That being said, the majority of international students go and stay with their American friends for thanksgiving.  Or they go to their family if they have family in the US.

That’s exactly what I am doing this Thanksgiving. I’m with my friend Ryan and his family in Pennsylvania and I am having a blast. Its a wonderful time. Eating lots of food and getting some work done (still going to school haha).

Anyways after Thanksgiving we have 2 weeks of school then final Exams. Junior yeah fall semester is going by way too fast.



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