Congrats Elon Class of 2016

Congrats to the new Elon class of 2016.  The Early Decision results came out earlier this week on December First. Glad to have you as part of the Phoenix family and I can’t wait to welcome you to Elon in the fall of 2012.

If you applied but don’t know where to go to find your results, head to Elon ontrack : , and click on the link that says Ontrack for Applicants.

Now that you have been admitted to Elon, here are some useful events for you to come too:

1. Spring Orientation March 9-10 and April 20-21:

So newly admitted students have opportunity to attend Spring Orientation sessions. Spring Orientation is a two day event that celebrates the new freshman class and helps prepare the students for classes and enrollment in the Fall. It’s a good opportunity for freshmen to get to learn about life on campus and any thing else that interests them or is on their mind about college. So I highly encourage you to attend one of the two sessions in March or in April.
Here is the link the Spring Orientation  website :


2. Phoenix Fridays – February 10 and 17; March 30; April 13 and 27:

Phoenix Fridays are days when admitted students can come to campus and get paired with a current student who will take them to their classes. This is a great way for an admitted student to get a feel for Elon’s academics, as well as to better see college campus life. I did something similar to this and it was the deciding factor for me to come to Elon so highly recommend this event.
Here is the link to the Phoenix Fridays event:


Anyways that’s all. In case you applied Early Action remember that the  notifications of acceptance come out then. Also if you haven’t already applied you can still apply, the regular application deadline is January 10th so you have some time, but get them in quick.  And if you are interested, you can still apply for Fellows Programs until January 10th. This link will explain the fellows programs, their requirements and their benefits :


And I will leave you this video to get you excited and pumped about coming to Elon:

All the best, and Congrats again Class of 2016,
Elon 2013


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