Winter Term Performing Arts

Hey everyone,

So its Winter Term here at Elon and boy are things busy. Classes are winding down and Elon’s construction projects are kicking up. Also, keeping up with the traditions of the end of Winter Term, the Performing arts department is producing many different shows, some of which were classes.

Last weekend for starters was the Elon Cares benefit concert. This concert features singers from Elon’s vocal performance and musical theater programs. The purpose of this concert each year is to raise awareness and funds for a wide variety of issues in society today. This year, the concert featured drug addiction groups, breast cancer awareness and gay rights movements, but the main issue that was focused on, was AIDS. Unfortunately I did not make it in to see the show but based on what I heard it was very successful. Here is a video from this year’s Elon Cares, as found on youtube ūüôā


On Thursday the 19th, Elon’s production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth opened in the black box theater. This play is one

A scene form the play

of Shakespeare’s most popular tragedies of love and murder. This is play is generally done by members of the Elon BFA acting and music theater programs. The show opened on Thursday the 19th and shows runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until the 2nd of February.


Two other shows going at Elon:

Tapped Out:  Every Winter term  Gene Medler one of Elon dance instructors teaches a tap dancing class and their final project is a big production showcasing the skills that the students learned during the Winter Term.  There is generally a wide range of skills on display during the show and it features elements from different types of dance of dance including African, jazz, pop, ballet and more.

French Comedy:  This did not happen last year, but this year a French acting class was offered and the end result is two days of French comedy plays. The plays will be performed completely in French, but there will be English subtitles on projected so people can understand the dialogue. Check out this Phoenix 14 News feature story on the French comedies.

Well, thats it. Sorry it took so long but things have been hectic. Look forward to more posts in the next week. Congrats to all students who have been accepted to Elon so far, I hope you really consider attending school here. It will be worth your time. Other wises admissions results will come out on a rolling basis.

Have a good weekend,


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