Study Abroad Adventures: Anthony in Costa Rica

Hey guys,

So if you watched the video blog post, you would have learned that I am going abroad for this next semester to Costa Rica. I will be going to the Elon Centre in Costa Rica, one of its three centers in the world. The other two are in London and Florence, Italy. I will be there from January to May , and I will be taking classes that count towards my Elon GPA.  There are 22 people on the trip and they are awesome.  I am sure by the end of this Study Abroad experience we will all be very close, or extremely sick of each other (hopefully we’ll become good friends).  The majority of the people going on the trip are teaching fellows, because the Elon Center offers a teaching practicum. What that means is that education majors at Elon can teach in the Costa Rican education system. I am not an education major, but I am Latin American concentration for international studies so this trip is to help me concentrate on Latin American affairs.

One of the things we are supposed to do in Costa Rica is maintain some sort of a journal and that can be written or even a blog. Luckily for me however ,Cheryl Borden director of International Admissions has given me permission to use the blog as a journal of my experiences. This being said every week I will do a post on the awesome opportunity at Elon that is a Study Abroad. I will also include important updates with regard to admissions as they occur.

I leave Saturday, so tune in next week for the first chronicle of my Costa Rica adventures. Don’t forget if you have questions, you can contact Cheryl Borden in the office of admissions at Be sure to follow Eloninteradm on the twitter to see daily updates about admissions and special campus events.

Thanks, and Hasta Luego


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