Long Overdue Update Post

Hey guys,

At the hotel at Manuel Antonio Beach

So this post is very long overdue and for that I am truly sorry, but I am safe and sound in San Jose, Costa Rica. These last few weeks to a month have been extremely busy and the weekends were spent travelling, aka no time for much extra activity. However my classes, and my host family are all amazing. This post is just to briefly say hey I’m here an having awesome time. There will be a more in-depth post after this with all the activities we have done up to this point.

First of all, here is a quick introduction to the whole group.  The picture to the left is photo that we took during our first week in Costa Rica.

Group picture in down town San Jose

This picture was taken in the heart of San Jose during  our       first tour of the city. It is only a 20 min bus ride from Mesoamerica, the language school where we are taking our classes. There are 20 students from Elon on this Study Abroad making it one of the largest this semester. Of the group, 14 of them are education majors, and one of them is doing an education practicum that is available in Costa Rica. The Elon Center in San Jose program is pretty popular for education majors because of the opportunity to do their teaching practicum here. The people in charge of the Elon Center in San Jose have good connections within the Education system and so the teaching opportunities are phenomenal. For us non majors, the weather is beautiful, but there are also excellent environmenta science and political science classes offered. Anyways this is the group and we are all extremely excited. Look forward in the next few days for more blog posts about the various adventures we had.




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