Happy (belated) Birthday Elon!

Yesterday marked Elon’s 125th birthday. “A Day for Elon” was celebrated with a special Founders Day College Coffee with special guests, J. Earl Danieley, J. Fred Young and Leo M. Lambert, the three living presidents of the University.


University’s 3 Living Presidents during Founders Day College Coffee

Elon Student’s gathered around the Phi Beta Kappa plaza, decked out in their maroon and gold, to wish Elon a Happy Birthday as well as to grab some delicious birthday cake. (What birthday is complete without a cake?)

During the celebration, Twisted Measure, one of Elon’s a capella groups, sang Happy Birthday to our school and a tree was planted by the 3 presidents as a special Founder’s day tradition.


J. Earl Danieley, J. Fred Young and Leo M. Lambert planting a tree in honor of Founder’s Day and Elon’s 125th birthday

It was a beatiful day at Elon for a birthday. Here’s to a successful 125 years and an even more successful 125 years to come!


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