Top 5 Countdown is back!

So as tradition on this blog would have it, it’s time for a top 5 countdown. With all the dreary weather we’ve had here at Elon lately I think the only appropriate countdown to have would be…….

Top 5 Things to do at Elon when it Snows!

1. Sledding down the hills of the intramural fields… or any hill for that matter!

2. Grabbing hot chocolate with friends at Acorn (because most likely they’ll be the only dining place open..)

3. Staying in, cuddling up and watching movies with friends

4. or if the power’s out playing a good ol’ fashion game of Cards Against Humanity (vulgar.. yet fun… )

5. Bonfire, Campfire, Fireplace fire… anything to roast some weenies and s’mores over and keep you warm in the meantime!


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