A Hump Day Treat Elon SGA Style

With finals just around the corner and most students slipping into the spring semester slump, our Student Government Association decided to give the student’s of Elon a little treat to help them over the hump day. Last Wednesday afternoon students, faculty, staff and visitors crowded around Young Commons’ hills to ogle and pet Oscar and Niles, a pair of Camels.

The Camel’s belonged to Darrell and Candice Stanley of Carolina Camel Rides. After retiring, Darrell said helping out with a nativity drama at his church is what sparked his interest in his business. The couple now owns 3 camels and travels around working as a party attraction. The gentle giants are sociable and enjoy the attention they receive from guests and spectators. They are available to ride and can carry more than one passenger so the whole family can climb aboard.

Bl62dD6IQAEeFF0.jpg large

Oscar and Niles weren’t giving rides though. Instead they hung out on the Commons as passerby’s gawked at the sight of two large Middle Eastern animals in the middle of our campus. Many students stopped to pet the animals, take pictures and even snap a selfie.


SGA really went all out this hump day. Thank god for their “Fun Fund” and their creative minds for thinking of such an exotic and cool event that blew the entire student body population’s Instagram feeds up with camel photos.





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