Strawberry Field’s Forever

GetImage.ashxThis Friday, the last Friday of classes, in the Elon Community Garden will be the annual Strawberry Festival and Heirloom Plant Sale. The event is hosted by the Department of Environmental Studies and the Center for Environmental Studies as well as the Elon Academy and Elon Hillel. They’ll be serving light strawberry themed refreshments including strawberry shortcake, ice cream and strawberry and kale smoothies.

I’ve never been to this strawberry festival before, but if it’s an annual thing, then I’m sad I missed it last year. Strawberries are my favorite summer time snack. You can’t get much better of a treat than a sweet and juicy North Carolina strawberry. The strawberries at this festival will all be garden-raised and freshly picked by the student’s of a spring semester “garden studio” class.

The festival will also feature a Plant Sale where guests can purchase garden-raised heirloom plants and herbs such as basil, peppers and tomatoes. With the weather taking a turn for the warm, it’s the perfect time to get a little plant for the porch, who knows maybe you’ll even get a little snack out of it. All of the proceeds from plant sales at the festival will go back into the community garden.

Elon is a school that highly values sustainability and the environmental studies and I think it’s great to see student’s within the environmental studies department find a fun and refreshing way to get the community involved. As the temperatures here begin to reach upwards of 90 degrees farenheit, I think a strawberry festival is just what we need!

If you’re around campus, head to the Elon Community Garden tomorrow, Friday May 9 between 1:30-5:30 for strawberries, plants, good weather, great scenery and fun times.


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