Top 5 Places to Study for Finals

It’s that time of semester again……. Finals! A time where students complain about all the studying they have to do to make up for all the work they didn’t do during the semester. It’s a vicious cycle indeed but no semester is complete without it. I’m feeling the stress this semester with 4 finals coming up. The one I’m most worried about is my Principles of Finance. Elon is certainly a fun and active school and often times classes don’t take too much time away from play time, but the courses are challenging and when time comes to finish up strong, sometimes those extra play time hours have to become study hours. Luckily though, Elon has so many comfy places around campus to spend those long hours on review sheets and note cards. Here are my Top 5 favorite places to study during the week of finals,

1. Belk Library

A classic. The Library here at Elon is 3 floors high and contains almost every book and database you could possibly need for any subject you’re studying. If you don’t need a book or online information though, you can find a spot on any of the floors to post up and study hard. The first floor has a computer lab, printers, a tutoring center, a writing center and plenty of space for group projects. The second floor is more secluded and used for independent study amongst the many shelves of books. There are rooms to grab (if you’re lucky), comfy plus couches and chairs, desktops and even cubicle style seating to allow for more secluded studying. The third floor is reserved as a quiet study area. If you so much as open your backpack too loudly, you might be met with some unfriendly stares. Brush the hater’s off though because this is a great area to pop in some headphones and get lost in that 26 page review guide for the Business Law final you’ve been dreading.

2. Lindner Hall Inman Reading Room

Otherwise known as the Harry Potter room, this study space is quiet and prestigious; filled with old looking lamps, massive leather chairs and vast tables made of hand carved wood. (I actually don’t know whether the tables in this room were hand carved but they are big and provide a lot of space to spread out all your study accoutrements). The room is designated as a quiet study space which means there’s no talking. This guarantees you a chunk of time, distraction free, to highlight and memorize your whole entire textbook in preparation for the Stats Exam you have tomorrow morning.

3. Moseley Student Commons

This is a new development in Elon study spaces. Moseley just underwent renovations to create their Student Lounge. It’s a cool place with funky chairs and decorations that look like they came straight from a startup business’s office. The area also features several student organization offices (including the SPARKS office where you can grab flavored condoms… although I hope you won’t be needing those during your studies) and a full kitchen, just in case you start craving a little homemade snack while cranking out all those note cards. What makes this study space though is the location. It’s right in the middle of our student center which means it’s central to campus, and even more importantly, close to dining locations. Lakeside Dining Hall, Freshii’s, Topio’s, Biscuitville and Irazu are just a few steps away for some brainfood.

4. Moseley/Lakeside Patio

While technically this isn’t a study space, it is a nice area to sit and do work. With the weather being so nice,, temperatures in the 80’s (Farenheit) and consistent sun, there’s no better place to be than outside this time of year. If I can learn what I need to know and catch some sun rays at the same time, then I call that a productive study session.

5. Classrooms

What better place to study than the place you’re taking the exam right? Studies have actually shown that you do better on tests if you study in the room that you take them. I don’t know where the studies are but based on personal observations and performance, I can vouch for the theory. Meeting in classrooms is also a great way to study with a group of friends or other classmates. It’s a location everyone can find and fit in but is still isolated from the rest of Elon’s campus.


Wherever you choose to study, Good Luck!



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