Winter Term 2010

Brrrr!  It’s cold today in Elon, North Carolina – a chilly 24 degrees Fahrenheit!  But it is an appropriate temperature as Elon University’s Winter Term is right around the corner.  This Tuesday (January 5) will mark the beginning of Winter Term 2010.  This year’s theme for Winter Term is “From the Past:  Through the Present:  Into the Future”.

For those that may be unfamiliar with Winter Term, it is a 1-month term at Elon University where students (if on campus) will take one class, five days a week for three hours every day.  It is a time when students will just focus on one specific topic for the month of January.  The type of courses offered at Elon vary – some courses will be options that students also might have during a fall or spring semester, such as Principles of Financial Accounting, Elementary Chinese I, Ethical Practice, etc.  However, there are also several courses that are offered that connect to the theme mentioned above and provide interesting opportunities for students.   To give you some insight into those unique courses that are offered during Elon’s Winter Term, here is a sample from 2010:

  • The Ancient Maya (Anthropology)
  • Memento Mori:  American Sepulchral Art and Architecture 1600 – Present (Art)
  • Managing a Sports Franchise (Business)
  • The Science of Forensics (Chemistry)
  • International Cinema (Communications)
  • Literature of the Terror and Supernatural (English)
  • The U.S. and Iraq (General Studies)
  • Aspects of Laughter (General Studies)
  • Crafting a Meaningful Life (Philosophy)
  • Jerusalem:  One City, Three Faiths (Religion)
  • Sociology of Popular Culture (Sociology)
  • And many more!

When describing Winter Term above, I mentioned that a student could opt to take one of those classes if he or she was on campus.  Did you know that a student could participate in Winter Term but be off-campus as well?  Winter Term is also a time where many of our students will participate in month-long study abroad programs and/or internship experiences.  It is important to note that these programs often require additional fees to participate in them.  To provide you with more insight, here is a sample of those opportunities offered to students in January:

  • Field Biology in Peru (study abroad)
  • Field Experience in Business (internship)
  • Supervised Observation and Student Teaching (internship)
  • Ireland:  Literature, Culture, and History (study abroad)
  • The Call of South Africa (study abroad)
  • India:  Science, Education, and Development (study abroad)
  • The Photographer’s Gaze:  London’s Immigrant Communities (study abroad)
  • Human Services Practicum in London (study abroad/ internship)
  • Washington Center Seminar (internship)
  • And many more!

Thus, Winter Term offers many different types of opportunities for students!  A student can be here on campus for January or they can chose to be halfway around the world – we have those opportunities.   In Admissions, we are often asked if Winter Term is mandatory and in all honesty, it is not.  However, a student’s Winter Term semester is paid for in the Fall Semester tuition (if he or she is taking a class).   In my mind, it is definitely worth it to participate in Winter Term because of the unique and often unusual subjects a student can explore – subjects that may not be available during a Fall or Spring Semester.  To learn more about last year’s Winter Term experience, check out my post from January 2009 and of course, be sure to check out my own personal Winter Term experiences!


What Is Winter Term at Elon?

Happy 2009 ETA readers!

The start of the 2009 calendar year also ushers in the beginning of WINTER TERM here at Elon University. Now you may be wondering – what exactly is Winter Term? What type of classes can you take? Is it mandatory to participate in? In this edition of ETA, I will do the best I can to answer any and all questions about Winter Term – but please feel free to email me with other questions!

Winter Term at Elon University is essentially a 3.5 – 4 week time period where students take 1 academic class five days a week/ three hours a day. It is the “1” in Elon’s 4-1-4 academic calendar. Thus, a student will take that one class during the month of January and then have a one week break before the beginning of the spring semester.

Now, you may be wondering – what type of classes can I take at Elon? LOTS! That is one of the greatest things about Winter Term! There is such a variety to chose from. For example, say you are not the strongest math student….why not decide to complete your Statistics requirement during this time? You avoid having to learn & study your hardest subject while also juggling a communications presentation, history paper, and science lab (as you would during a normal semester). Elon’s Winter Term does offer several courses that are required in a student’s major field.

However, it is also important to know that there are other unique courses offered at this time. Often these courses are not offered for an entire semester, yet they are some of the most popular courses at Elon. For example, below I have listed several of this Winter Term’s courses followed by the academic major in which a student would receive credit in for this course. Just check out a sample of the topics offered:

  • Figurative Sculpture: Puppet Laboratory (Art)
  • The Future of Cloning and Gene Therapy (Biology)
  • Managing a Sports Franchise (Business)
  • Business of NASCAR (Business)
  • Behind CSI: The Real Science and Chemistry of Forensics (Chemistry)
  • Cinema Aesthetics (Communications)
  • Asian Film and its Literary Foundations (English)
  • Ecosystem Restoration (Environmental Science)
  • The Culture of Rock (General Studies)
  • Aspects of Laughter (General Studies)
  • Woodstock, Hippies, and Other Enduring Legacies: Music of the ’60s and ’70s (Music)
  • Psychology of Language (Psychology)
  • Acting Intensive in New York City (Theatre)

Winter Term is also a time where students often chose to participate in one of Elon’s Five Elon Experiences. For example, a student may opt to study abroad during the month of January and perhaps study “The Photographer’s Gaze” in London immigrant communities or study science, education, and development in India. Winter Term study abroad programs are quite popular at Elon with such a wealth of programs to choose from. Interested in finding out more about these programs? Visit the Isabella Cannon Centre for International Study website OR follow along with our courses as they blog about their experience this Winter Term.

Students may also desire to do internships as well! For example, an Exercise Sports Science major can work on their practicum in their field, completing at least 27 hours at 3 different agencies in the sports/health related fields. A Communications major may opt to complete their required internship experience in journalism, strategic communications, etc.

It kind of makes you want to participate in Winter Term, doesn’t it? It is important to note that Winter Term is not mandatory – but highly encouraged! As an alum of Elon myself, Winter Term was truly one of my favorite times here. As January progresses, I’ll share some of the courses/programs that I participated in as a student…perhaps I’ll even share a picture or two from back in my college days!