An Interesting Article to Read…

Good morning ETA readers:

Just a quick post today…  I was reading over Elon University’s E-net to keep up-to-date on my Elon news and came across an article about an article an Elon professor has published.  Many of our professors regularly have articles accepted for publication in a number of academic journals and many also publish their own books.   However, this one particular article stood out to me a bit more than the rest – maybe because I took the professor’s class as an undergrad!

 The professor, Jean Schwind, had an article recently published in the Journal of Popular Culture.  Her article deals with a similar subject matter as one of my FAVORITE classes at Elon University.  The class was called “American Adolescence” and it was a fascinating class – you can read my thoughts about her class on my “counselor page” on the Admissions website!

If you have a moment, I would encourage you to read the article about Professor Schwind’s research on E-net and even check our her article!


The Perspective of a Currently Enrolled Student

Hi everyone…

For your reading enjoyment…

A few months or so ago, Sana, a junior at Elon University was interviewed by Voice of America News online about why she chose Elon University.  It is an interesting article to read, and you can also listen to her interview with the reporter on this site.