New Perspectives on Elon

Hello ETA readers:

Yikes – it has been quite awhile!  My sincerest apologies and I promise you that more blog posts will be forthcoming.

For those of you blog enthusiasts, I wanted to share several blogs by others connected to the Elon Admissions Office.  Sana

Sana, an international student at Elon:  “The Adventures of an International Student”

Read Sana’s blog to find out what it is like being a student here at Elon University. 



gzaiserDean Greg Zaiser:  “From the Dean’s Desk”

Be sure to read Dean Zaiser’s blog to get his perspective of the university.


25 Random Things About Elon (cont’d)

Good evening ETA readers!

Without further ado, I present to you the 12 remaining items of the “25 Random Things about Elon”.

  1. Every January, students participate in the traditional “Polar Bear Plunge” in Lake Mary Nell.  This is a time where students literally jump into the lake in the middle of the winter!
  2. Like waffles for breakfast?  Harden Dining Hall has a waffle maker that imprints the word “ELON” onto the waffle as it cooks.
  3. The new Lindner Building (which should be completed this spring/summer) will be the “greenest building” on campus.  As part of this, the building will have electricity generated from photovoltaic panels and a solar hot water heater, among other features.
  4. Keeping with the “green” theme, Elon University also participates in the ZipCar program.  Students can reserve a Toyota Prius to drive off campus!
  5. Elon’s average temperatures for the different seasons:
    1. Winter (January) – 38.7 degrees F
    2. Spring (April) – 58.6 degrees F
    3. Summer (July) – 79.3 degrees F
    4. Fall (September) – 70.7 degrees F
  6. I am not the only blogger on Elon’s campus!  Read the Dean of the School of Communications’ blog or a CIS professor’s blog or the Isabella Cannon Centre for International Studies’ Study Abroad blogs or some of our alumni Service Learning blogs.
  7. There are a few scenes in the 1998 movie “He Got Game” (directed by Spike Lee and starring Denzel Washington) that were filmed at Elon University.  There is a scene outside of our Octagon Cafe!
  8. Dr. Earl Danieley has been at Elon for over 50 years!  He graduated from Elon in 1946 and was President of the university from 1957 – 1973.  He continues today as a professor in the chemistry department.
  9. Interested to learn what student events happen on a given day?  Visit:  and check out all of the student organizations & their events!
  10. The results from The Elon Poll, the university’s student-driven survey center, has often been quoted in local, regional, and national media outlets.  Students call citizens of North Carolina to ask them their opinions about various local, regional, and national issues.
  11. Want to know the goals of Elon University for this year?  Check out our 2008 – 2009 Institutional Priorities.
  12. For our currently enrolled students, faculty and staff of Elon, as well as parents and alumni, Elon University offers “E-Squared“.  E-Squared is a social networking site for those in the Elon community.

I hope you enjoyed learning 25 new, but random facts about Elon University!