Top 5 Countdown: 5 Tips on Surviving Exams at Elon

Welcome to another edition of the Top 5 Countdown!  With the end of the semester quickly approaching, Anthony offers up some helpful (and unique) ways to survive exams at Elon University.

Enjoy this latest edition of the Top 5 Countdown and let us know if there is a topic you would like to see featured in the future!


Blooper Reel: Top 5 Countdown

Hello everyone:

Elon’s school year is winding down with tomorrow being the last day of exams for our students.  Graduation is set for this Saturday (May 21, 2011) and as Anthony mentioned, he has left Elon to start his summer!

Today, I just wanted to offer up a fun post which includes some funny “blooper” videos from this past year.  This was the first year we tried doing video blogs and as a result, Anthony and I ended up with a few “mistakes” that were not originally posted.

Enjoy these videos and happy summer to everyone!  I will be posting occasionally throughout the summer months (like Anthony) so check back soon for more content.

Top 5 Countdown: Residence Halls at Elon

Greetings all!

Well, it is our last video blog for the semester – Anthony and I hope you have enjoyed the Top 5 countdown this year!  This month’s focus is on the different housing choices at Elon University as it is almost the time of year for our new students to be selecting their housing.

Enjoy and thank you for watching!  (And look for a special video blooper blog to come soon!)