What Does It Mean To Be DECLINED? (Part III of III)

(Please note:  This is part III in a series of  3 posts that help to explain the Early Action Decisions.  Decisions will be available Monday, December 20 at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.  Today’s post focuses on receiving an Early Action decline.)

While being deferred for admission at Elon is probably the hardest to explain and understand, having your application declined for admission is the hardest to read.  Without a doubt.

We know being declined is difficult and certainly not what you expected/ hoped to hear from Elon.  Unfortunately, Elon receives a high number of applications and tough decisions are often required to be made on our part.  It is certainly not easy to decline a student for admission and it is truly some of our harder moments on us as counselors when those decisions are made.

To understand the decision is to also understand the applicant pool – over 5,400 applications whose average grade point average is a 4.0 and average SAT is an 1860!  Thus you can see it was a very competitive applicant pool – never mind who was actually admitted!

The most important thing is to try not to be discouraged – Elon still could be an option in your future if this is truly where you want to be!  Many a student who has been declined has later been admitted under the transfer admission option.  While this does mean going to another university for at least one semester, it also means that becoming a part of the Elon community is perhaps only a semester away.


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